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Why You Should Hire Van Law Firm in Conjunction With Working With Our Real Estate Team

You can always retain our law firm and work with a real estate agent of your choice. You are never under any obligation to use our law firm and use us as your real estate agent.  However there may be a benefit to using us as your real estate agent as well as retaining our law firm to negotiate the short sale of your property.

Sandy Van, Esq. is a licensed realtor and broker salesperson who is a Certified Distressed Property Expert, trained in short sales. As an attorney and a realtor, she has worked on every angle of the housing market from doing collections, bankruptcy, working with HOA liens and NRS 116.3116, working with title companies with regards to reviewing and revising the HUDs, and working in real estate.

She has negotiated numerous short sales and she knows the bank forms, what should be on a financial statement, hardship letter, HAFA forms, Freddie Mac forms, and the ins and outs of the software used to negotiate short sales. She knows what assets are exempt, what is going to happen if the client does not obtain a waiver of deficiency and is garnished in the future and if the deficiency judgment is recorded against them.

Sandy knows when a short sale is not in her client`s best interests because they need the secured house payment to bring down their income to get into a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. She has negotiated HOA liens in the past with Red Rock Financial, NAS and many of the other HOA collection companies. She also knows when her clients are able to buy if they foreclose or when they can buy if they short sale while current. There may be a benefit to you, the homeowner, having someone on their side that has this type of knowledge and knows the effects and ramifications of each option you may choose to pursue.

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The real estate services that we provide include:

  • Listing the property on the MLS,,,, and to ensure that your property gets maximum exposure.
  • Showing your home to prospective buyers, including open house showings.
  • Coordinating showings with agents, buyers, repairmen, inspectors, and appraisers if you are unavailable or reside out-of-state.
  • Coordinating the closing process with escrow, HOA companies, and the Buyer`s Agent.

Another avenue is to reduce a mortgage balance through foreclosure mediation; however, it is very rare to see principal reductions in foreclosure mediations.

Van Law Firm has helped many in the Las Vegas and Henderson community with foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, debt settlement, loan modification, and personal injury.

Please feel free to contact us today so that we may discuss the options that are available to you.

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