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Trucking Accident Injury Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.


Trucking Accident Injury Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.


Trucking Accident Injury Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Millions recovered in motor vehicle accident cases. You pay nothing unless we win!


$50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

50+ Million Recovered.
500+ Five Star Reviews.


Get Help for a Trucking Accident in Washington

A trucking accident can have a profound impact on your life. When you sustain painful injuries, your normal life is severely disrupted and medical expenses accrue faster than you can imagine. It can start to feel as though you will never get your life back to normal. Here at Van Law Firm, we know exactly how frightening a trucking accident can be for our clients, and that is why we do everything possible to recover your rightful compensation. 

As trusted legal professionals, our Las Vegas trucking accident attorneys will handle all of the hiccups throughout your case in a neat and professional manner, in order to get you paid and back to normal as quickly as possible. With over $50 million won for our clients thus far, top-notch service is just a call away.

Potential Accident Causes

Most people assume that the driver of a truck is always the cause behind a crash, but this is not always the case; it may also be the result of a mechanical or weather-based error. Truck drivers are expected to follow not only the standard traffic laws, but also any guidelines from their employer and insurer, which may put them in a different position on the road. 

Some of most common trucking accident causes can include:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving
  • Improperly changing lanes
  • Defective vehicle components such as tires, brakes, brake lights, etc. 
  • Distracted driving, such as texting, eating, smoking, etc. 
  • Tailgating too closely behind another vehicle
  • Failing to check mirrors for blindspots (or not having proper mirrors installed)
  • Unsafe driving in inclimate weather situations 
  • Speeding 
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Cargo that is overloaded or improperly secured
  • Driving without proper license or training

Let us evaluate your situation and determine the best path to take to help you achieve your goals. Give our injury attorneys a call today at (360) 200-0000.

Trucking Accident Liability

Trucking accidents affect more parties than a standard auto crash. Determining liability is not always a simple task, as it could fall on the driver, the driver’s employer, or beyond, depending on the parameters of the crash. Obviously, reckless or impaired driving is the fault of the driver, but his or her employer may also be on the hook if they implement policies that are considered irresponsible or unsafe– for instance, expecting drivers to drive longer hours or encouraging them to skimp out on maintenance. 

If the collision was caused by a mechanical failure, the liability may extend all the way up to any leasing company that may own the truck or the truck’s manufacturer. The chances of an accident increase exponentially if there is a problem with one of the mechanical systems in the truck, such as the transmission, differential, suspension, engine, brakes, trailer components, etc.

What to Do Following a Trucking Crash

It’s easy to get caught up in the shock that one experiences following a collision, but drivers should remember that there are useful steps to follow post-crash, including: 

  • Get in touch with police: if there is a trucking accident in town, police will most likely respond due to their potential severity. Nevertheless, you should always contact them yourself just to be sure, as their report of the accident can become very valuable to your case. Additionally, they can also test the driver on the spot if he or she is suspected to be impaired. 
  • Seek medical aid: Make sure that you are treated for any injuries sustained during the crash, no matter how minimal. Also remember to acknowledge symptoms as soon as they emerge. By doing so, you make it much more difficult for the defense to dismiss your medical claims, as you can point to the fact that you sought help right away. 
  • Take pictures of the scene: This is where your smartphone can come in handy– take pictures of the entire crash site, including landmarks and all vehicles involved. For more pictures to take at the scene, visit here
  • Write notes: While the accident is still relatively fresh, try and scribble down as many details as you can. This information could become much more important later on in the case. 
  • Contact information: In the case of a trucking accident, you should exchange contact and insurance information with the driver as well as the driver’s employer. Representatives from the trucking company or their insurer may contact you with offers. DO NOT speak with them under any circumstances– it’s their job to try and pay the least amount possible. Before speaking with anyone, retain the services of a trusted personal injury attorney.
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Washington Trucking Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured as a result of a trucking accident, Van Law Firm is the right choice to handle your case and recover the compensation you deserve, such as medical reimbursement, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Your consultation is free, call today to see what your case might be worth. Our trusted Washington trucking accident attorneys are available to help around the clock.

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