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Van Law Firm Attorney Goes on “The Vegas Take” to Discuss Cosby Case

Attorney at Van Law Firm Gabriel Czop

On June 30th, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court delivered a controversial ruling that overturned defamed comedian Bill Cosby’s previous conviction for indecent assault. The court’s reasoning for this decision had to do with complications surrounding an agreement that was made between Cosby and previous prosecutors.

Essentially, Cosby testified in a previous civil lawsuit under the pretense that anything he said would not be used against him criminally. That turned out to be false, as Cosby was later convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault in 2018, largely because of his own testimony. He was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison and had served nearly three years before his conviction was overturned. The court asserted that the prosecutor was wrong to use Cosby’s testimony against himself, and so he was released. 

As you can imagine, this topic has burned brightly across news, radio, and talk shows. Attorneys and legal professionals have been brought in to discuss these issues, including one of Van Law Firm’s very own!

Gabriel Czop, a litigation attorney here at Van Law Firm, recently went on The Vegas Take on 101.5 KDWN Las Vegas to help explain how and why this ruling happened. Watch as Czop sits down with hosts Sharp and Shapiro to discuss the legal issues surrounding the controversial ruling, as well as broader questions about the trial process. 

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