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Facts About Nevada Motorcycle Accidents

Nevada is undoubtedly a great place to own and ride motorcycles. The constant rideable weather, lack of precipitation, and miles of open road make two-wheeled adventures a popular pastime here in the Silver State. However, this large number of riders also means that there are a large number of motorcycle accidents and injuries each year. 

Motorcycle accidents are almost always severe for the rider, as they are typically thrown from the bike with a lot of speed and force. As a high-volume Las Vegas personal injury firm, we constantly assist a variety of accident victims, but the effects of a motorcycle crash are especially noteworthy. Some of these accidents arise from safety concerns, whereas others are caused by other drivers. Anyone that has suffered injuries in a crash that was caused by another is encouraged to contact Van Law Firm as soon as possible. 

Although we work hard to represent accident victims, we feel strongly that any accident that can be avoided, should be. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, here are some facts pertaining to motorbike safety in Nevada. 

Motorcycle Crashes in Nevada 

By and large, the biggest contributing factor to accidents and accident deaths is a lack of proper safety practices and equipment. 

By law, all Nevada motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet when riding on city streets and highways, and the helmet must be compliant with U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. In spite of this, rider deaths attributed to a lack of helmet rose by 9 percent from 2015 to 2016. 

The large majority of these crashes happen in the state’s major urban areas, and men aged between 25-34 are far and away the leading demographic as far as Nevada motorcycle injuries. 

Lane-splitting is a big point of contention–it is illegal to do so in Nevada, but many riders come across from California and assume that the laws are the same, which they are not. Speeding, inclimate weather, and driver aggression are also some of the biggest factors. 

While not every accident can be prevented, riding with safety in mind will help decrease your chances of injury. Wear a helmet, only ride when sober, respect the weather, and obey traffic laws. 

The Numbers Behind Motorcycle Accidents 

Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) releases new data on fatal accidents across the entire U.S., not just Nevada. Here are some recent figures that may surprise you: . 

  • In 2018 alone, there were just shy of 5,000 motorcycle riders who were killed in accidents.
  • Of all the riders who died in 2017, 28 percent were found to be drunk or impaired.
  • On average, 29 percent of all motorcyclists do not wear compliant helmets.
  • Even though motorcycles only account for 3 percent of all registered vehicles, they are involved in 14 percent of crash-related deaths. 
  • On average, a motorcycle rider is nearly 28 times more likely to die in a crash than car drivers and passengers. 

Recovering Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents 

Even though motorcyclists often sustain brutal injuries in accidents, a large number of them recover minimal compensation or none at all. That is because insurers love to avoid paying for motorcycle injuries by leaning on inaccurate generalities about bike safety. Other riders may not know who hit them, or may not want to bring attention to the fact that they do not have proper licenses or equipment. 

The bottom line is that the only way to recover your full compensation is to retain a qualified motorcycle accident attorney. They will gather the proper evidence and hire recreation experts to prove your case and defend your rights. 

Call Trusted Nevada Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Today 

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