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Will My Insurer Increase My Rate After I File My Auto Accident Claim?

After an injury-inducing accident occurs, claimants usually have a lot of questions, and a large number of them have to do with money. Some accident victims may be wondering about medical expenses or repair bills, but others may be concerned about their insurance rate–one question we often get is, “Will my insurance rates increase after my car accident claim?”

There are a few factors to be considered, but it should be noted that a trusted car accident attorney can answer just about any questions you may have regarding auto insurance or any other part of the claim process. Van Law Firm has amassed over 500 5-star reviews thus far, and we’re always looking to do more. Call our office nearest you today to learn more about the VLF standard. 

How Will an Auto Accident Claim Affect My Insurance Rate? 

Auto accident victims often shudder at the idea of having to report a claim to their insurer, for fear of their rate being raised as a result; many avoid reporting accidents altogether. Every accident and policy is different, but for the most part, your rate should not increase simply because you filed a claim. After all, if you don’t want to utilize your coverage when you need it, what’s the use of paying for it every month? You should never pay for expenses out of pocket unless you are forced to. 

Essentially, there are two factors for each claim that will determine if your rate will be affected: severity and liability. If you were badly injured in a severe crash that was caused by another, then your rate should not be raised–in fact, some states have statutes that prohibit insurers from increasing claimants’ rates for accidents in which other parties accept liability. Conversely, if you were responsible for a serious accident, your rate will likely be raised because you will then be viewed as a higher accident risk (it’s impossible to say just how much it might increase because policies vary). An extremely minor accident will likely have little to no effect on your rate, regardless of who’s responsible. 

Claimants should also keep in mind that their driving records will be taken into consideration as well. If you have a long, documented history of safe driving with little or no accidents, your rate will likely not increase by much, if at all. Even if it does, you may be able to qualify for some kind of “forgiveness” program, which is being offered by more and more companies. If you have a poor driving record that’s littered with accidents, you likely won’t get any sympathy when you file another claim. 

Don’t Fight the Insurance Companies Alone–Call VLF Today 

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