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Will My Car Accident Case Go to Court?

The majority of car accident claims are settled outside of court, but definitely not all. The claim process can be confusing enough without having to go to litigation, and claimants often have questions about why they have to go through additional steps in order to recover the compensation they deserve. 

Before we discuss these scenarios in more detail, we must first note that qualified car accident lawyers can help you through every step of the claim process, up to and including trial. Van Law Firm has the tools and expertise needed to tackle any case, call our office nearest you to learn more. 

What Happens if My Case Doesn’t Settle? 

Sometimes, discrepancies between the parties involved in proceedings will reach a point where a settlement agreement outside of court is just not feasible. If an insurer is refusing to offer a higher settlement and you feel that you are being unfairly compensated, you may have to proceed to litigation or file a bad faith lawsuit. In other cases, you may wish to file suit against an individual person or business if they are unwilling to negotiate a settlement and you feel that their actions (or inaction) have affected you or your loved ones’ lives. 

The reason why attorneys work hard to avoid going to litigation is that it raises the stakes substantially and removes any sense of guarantee. If a case goes to court, there’s no telling how it may be resolved–instead of a sub-par settlement offer, you could end up with nothing at all depending on what the court decides. Sometimes a trip to court is inevitable, especially if there are a lot of damages at stake, but for the most part car accident lawyers try to settle claims outside of court to ensure that their client is at least somewhat fairly compensated, rather than risking it all in litigation. That doesn’t mean that claimants can’t advocate for a lawsuit if they aren’t happy with a settlement offer, it just means that everything must be taken into consideration. 

Each case is unique, and there is usually no way of knowing whether or not your case will go to trial beforehand. The circumstances of the accident itself and the way in which the case plays out often determine if a case will go to litigation or not. The number one thing for claimants to remember is that if their claim does go to court and they don’t have a trusted car accident lawyer to help them, they will almost surely walk away with less than what their claim is worth. 

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