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Why Should I Hire an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

Regardless of the circumstances, auto accident claims are often stressful and complicated. An experienced car accident attorney can be a valuable asset when you are navigating through the claim process. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Most reputable personal injury attorneys operate on contingency, which means that they only receive their fees if there is a successful settlement–you may have heard catchphrases revolving around how “we only get paid if you do.” 
  • Attorneys are legal professionals, and they provide high-level legal knowledge for the jurisdiction you reside in. They will handle the negotiation and correspondence for your claim, and ensure that everything is done properly. 
  • When you forego hiring an attorney and decide to handle your own claim, you are taking a huge risk. Even if your injuries are minor and the circumstances seem cut and dry, there are never any guarantees. 

Before we talk more about the benefits of hiring an attorney, we must mention that the award-winning legal team from Van Law Firm is ready to help you when you need it most. We have the resources and expertise to handle any case–contact our office nearest you today to learn more. 

A Good Attorney Has Exceptional Knowledge of Local Laws 

Without sounding condescending or malicious, most accident victims don’t know exactly how to handle an accident claim. An auto accident attorney, on the other hand, is a certified legal professional who usually handles several claims at any given time. Even though it may seem overwhelming at times, a professional can help steady the ship and keep it going in the right direction. 

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an attorney is that they are certified to practice in your jurisdiction, which is of vital importance because laws vary widely by state. Two important concepts for all injury claims are shared fault rules and statutes of limitations. Shared fault laws often determine the amount of liability that is assigned to each party, which plays a big role in determining a claimant’s end settlement. Similarly, statutes of limitations regulate how much time a claimant has to file a claim after the accident has taken place (also referred to as the date of loss or DOL). A good attorney will be well-versed in both of these topics, which can save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Another reason why it’s a good idea to retain an attorney is that they can protect you in the event that your case doesn’t settle and moves to litigation. If you handle your own case, the other side may try to take the case to trial because they know you don’t have representation, which can scare claimants away. Your attorney should be able to effectively handle your claim, no matter how it transpires. Conversely, having an attorney by your side can also give you a lot of leverage, because it gives you the power to file a lawsuit as well. In that sense, it really does level the playing field. 

Accident Attorneys Handle the Dirty Work For Your Claim 

Aside from simply knowing the relevant laws and regulations, attorneys are also responsible for handling the actual legwork for your claim. An accident claim is not something you want to learn on the fly, especially when the money at stake could potentially have a big impact on your life moving forward. 

Police reports, bills and expense sheets, witness statements, and employment records are just a few of the vital pieces of evidence that your attorney will utilize to argue your claim. They also have the ability to bring in expert witnesses, which can be extremely influential, especially for niche cases that are hard to explain. Attorneys are very helpful when it’s time to prepare a settlement demand, as they will be sure to advocate for all forms of compensation, some of which you may not be aware of. All of these things are indicative as to why it’s best to retain an accident attorney to handle your case–after all, most claimants only get one opportunity to recover compensation, so you may as well make it count. 

Contact Experienced Car Accident Attorneys From VLF Now 

If you need help recovering compensation for your accident claim, don’t try to fight it alone. Instead, contact the trusted car accident attorneys from Van Law Firm at your earliest convenience. We can fight on your behalf to hold liable parties accountable for your damages–call our office nearest you today to get started.