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Why Do I Need to Get My Car Out of a Tow Yard After an Accident?

Why Do I Need to Get My Car Out of a Tow Yard After an Accident

If a vehicle is inoperable after a traffic accident, the responding tow truck driver willlikely tow the vehicle to a tow yard. A car may also be taken to a tow yard if the driver does not direct police officers to tow the vehicle to a specific place. Some owners may leave their cars in a tow yard for weeks after a car accident, especially if they are totaled. However, leaving your car in a tow yard after an accident is generally not in your best interest.

Why is it Not a Good Idea to Leave My Car in a Tow Yard After a Crash?

Leaving your vehicle at a tow yard can be exceptionally expensive because the tow yard will charge you for each day, they store your vehicle. Further, some tow yards have additional fees besides storage charges that can add to your final bill. If you have the financial means to do so, it is in your financial interest to remove your vehicle from the tow yard as soon as possible.

Even if you did not cause the car accident, you could be responsible for the tow yard’s fees. Your car insurance might cover towing and stowing of the vehicle, but this is not something you should assume. You need to check with your insurance agent immediately to verify your coverage terms and deductibles. Again, if you have the means to do so, it is in your best interest to remove the vehicle from the tow yard to avoid unnecessary costs.

Isn’t the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Responsible for the Storage Fees at a Tow Yard?

Generally, if the other driver caused the accident, their insurance company would be responsible for your resulting towing and storage costs. However, you are legally obligated to mitigate the damages you incur from an accident. Mitigating damages means that you take all reasonable steps to avoid unnecessary losses and expenses related to the accident.  If you fail to mitigate damages, such as leaving your vehicle in a tow yard when you could remove it, insurance companies may refuse to pay for these costs because they were avoidable.

Steps to Take Before Moving Your Car from a Tow Yard

Before moving your vehicle from a tow yard, it is good practice to document your vehicle’s damage by taking photographs. When taking photos, try to capture the damage the vehicle sustained by taking photographs from different angles. Further, making a video of the damage can also be helpful.  Documenting your vehicle’s damage will prevent an insurance company from claiming that moving the vehicle from the tow yard caused additional damage.

After documenting the damage sustained by your vehicle, you should arrange for the insurance adjuster to overseeing your claim to view your vehicle at the tow yard to document the damages. Be sure to document what the adjuster tells you when he views your vehicle by taking detailed notes. Do not answer any questions concerning the accident or your injuries. Inform the insurance adjuster to direct all questions to your car accident lawyer handling the accident. You want to avoid divulging information to an insurance adjuster without consulting an attorney first to avoid hurting your claim.

Do You Have Other Questions About Your Car Accident?

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