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What is the Potential Value of a Zantac Case?

All across the US, tens of thousands of former Zantac users are proceeding with legal action after being diagnosed with cancer as a result of overexposure to NDMA, a carcinogenic chemical that has been discovered in the drug. 

As a result, existing and potential plaintiffs have been asking, just what is the expected value of a Zantac case settlement?

The “lawerly” answer is, it depends. Several factors must be considered before estimating the potential value of a case, most notably the severity of the injuries sustained. Generally, the more severely an individual has been affected, the higher the reimbursement– any case involving death would garner the highest settlement. 

Most industry experts believe that Zantac litigation will most likely be resolved with a global settlement of all cases. In that scenario, the cases will be ranked into settlement tiers based on the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries and the strength of the claim. The following are the expected tiers for the settlement:

  • Cases in the top tier could be worth around $500,000 or more.
  • Second-tier cases may be in the $250,000 range.
  • The lowest tier cases will likely be worth $100,000 or less.

Again, these are just estimates based on previous experiences. These figures also operate under the assumption, as most attorneys are, that this litigation will be very successful. The bottom line is, attorneys involved in Zantac litigation cannot definitively determine at this moment what a person’s compensation would be. 

When Will Zantac Lawsuits Settle?

The other big question plaintiffs are asking is how long the process will take before suits are settled. 

The short answer is, a global settlement for Zantac cases will probably not happen soon. Big mass tort cases involving thousands of plaintiffs typically take a long time to settle, sometimes multiple years. Right now the litigation is at the beginning of the consolidated discovery phase, with hundreds of new plaintiffs being added every week.  The good news is that Zantac is officially off the market, which helps facilitate a speedier settlement.

The most important goal for handling these Zantac mass tort litigation cases is getting them to trial, and that goal is currently moving forward. 

On January 15, 2021, lawyers representing Zantac victims in California filed a motion to move these cases to state court because the victims also sued California defendants, which usually defeats federal court jurisdiction.  Having these cases in California state court would give Zantac lawyers another opportunity, and perhaps a better opportunity to push these cases to trial.  The sooner we get trial dates, the greater the likelihood of getting to a global settlement.

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