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What is a Large Loss Claim and How Do They Work?

It’s no secret that Parkinson’s disease is one of the most serious and unfortunate conditions an individual can be diagnosed with. The thought of chronic complications is hard enough to comprehend on its own, but when these complications can be attributed to the negligence of others, it adds another level of anger and frustration. Such is the case with weed killers that contain the herbicide known as paraquat–over the last 10+ years, thousands of agricultural workers have contracted Parkinson’s after being exposed to paraquat products. As such, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding paraquat claims and litigation, and a large number of potential claimants may be wondering about the average value of a paraquat claim.

Let’s take a closer look at this questionAt Van Law Firm, we deal with a constant stream of insurance-related claims and questions, and one of the most common has to do with large loss claims–what are they and how do they work? These claims aren’t difficult to understand, but determining your eligibility as far as compensation can be a bit tricky. Who knows, there’s also a chance you may be eligible and just don’t know it yet. Let’s take a closer look at large loss claims and how claimants can recover compensation.

Navigating Large Loss Claims

Generally speaking, a large loss is what it sounds like, in that it refers to a situation in which your property has experienced significant damage of some kind, such as flooding, fire, wind damage, structural damage, etc. If the damages are extensive, that will typically form the basis for a large loss claim.

However, the concepts of “large” and “extensive” will obviously vary depending on the circumstances and the size of the property in question, which is why these claims can be difficult to understand. While the monetary amount of damage will play a large role, ultimately there is no set criteria for what constitutes a large loss, so it depends on several factors. Most large loss claims feature some or all of the following elements:

  • A large portion or area of a property has been damaged
  • The damages led to a complicated series of repairs in order to return to the original condition
  • A large percentage of the structure has been replaced
  • If the property was a business, it helps if you can show that the damages affected output and business overall

Each case is unique, but for the most part, any residential loss above $300k or any loss over seven figures is usually considered a large loss.

Damages and Large Loss Examples

Without sounding overly dramatic, Mother Nature can cause innumerable damages and headaches for property owners. In our experiences so far, we’ve seen a large number of different large loss claims with varying causes, including:

  • Substantial structural damages to both the inside and outside of a property
  • Complex repairs needed to restore property to its original condition
  • Damages related to Hurricane Harvey
  • Damages related to Hurricane Michael
  • Damages related to the 2021 Texas ice storms
  • And more

Large Loss Claims and Insurers

Large loss claims can be especially difficult to navigate because of the sheer amount of money that is usually at stake. As you can probably imagine, insurers don’t want to pay anything they aren’t forced to, and that certainly includes their own policyholders’ claims. At a minimum, you should always review your policy again each year when it’s time to renew, but you should also consider retaining large loss and insurance claim attorneys if you own substantial property, as they are your best resource for navigating a large loss claim. No matter where you are in the country, the reality is that large-scale damage is always a possibility, so it’s best to be protected when disaster strikes.

Questions? Contact Experienced Large Loss Attorneys Today

If you have questions about a potential large loss claim, or if an insurer is offering you less than your claim warrants, simply call the Van Law Firm office nearest you today. We have the knowledge and tools to help you recover the compensation you deserve, no matter the circumstances. Our clients are our top priority, and with a 5-star rating across the board, those efforts have not been in vain. Call us today to schedule a risk-free consultation and case review. and all of the factors that go into it:

What is the Expected Value for a Paraquat Claim?

As of this moment, the litigation for paraquat product liability claims is still just beginning, so there have been little to no updates in terms of expected settlement values. Furthermore, even if there were concrete figures, we still couldn’t necessarily make a broad generalization about average values, because everyone’s injuries and circumstances are unique. In other words, if one claimant was diagnosed with mild Parkinson’s in their 70s, they will probably not receive as much as another claimant who suffered severe Parkinson’s in their 40s.

However, we’ve handled similar cases over the years with similar conditions, and we’d venture to guess that the highest tier of compensation could land in the neighborhood of about $150,000 to $250,000. To be clear, that is just an estimate, and most claimants would probably be slotted into lower tiers.

What is the Number of Paraquat Claims That Have Been Filed So Far, and Against Whom?

As of now (December of 2021), there are a total of 319 federal paraquat lawsuits that are currently pending, and about 50 more scattered throughout various state courts. Now that litigation is starting to come together and move forward, that number will inevitably increase substantially within the next year and a half or so. It is estimated that the final number of claimants will more than double during that span.

So far, the main defendants cited in paraquat lawsuits are the Swiss manufacturer Syngenta and the U.S.-based Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Syngenta is currently the largest global manufacturer of paraquat itself, and Chevron Phillips produces Gramoxone, a popular herbicide that contains paraquat. These are just a few examples–there are about half a dozen additional paraquat products and manufacturers who could face claims in the upcoming months and years.

Questions About Paraquat Claims? Contact Van Law Firm

If you have further questions about a potential paraquat claim, simply contact the Van Law Firm office nearest you today. Our team of experienced and versatile paraquat attorneys can evaluate your claim and recover the compensation you need to ensure that you and your family will have the proper care for the rest of your life. Don’t wait–call today to see what Van Law Firm can do for you.