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What Injuries Can You Get from a Car Accident?

If you are in a car accident, you may walk away from it with injuries. What injuries you get from a car accident can depend on how hard you were hit, where the other car hit your car, and even whether or not you saw the other car coming.

Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Spinal Injuries
    Spinal injuries are very common in car accidents because the force of the impact can cause the muscles and ligaments to stretch too far. Common spinal injuries from car accidents include back strain, back sprain, inflammation, compressed nerves, disc herniations, fracture, and more.
  • Whiplash
    Whiplash generally causes pain in the neck. Whiplash occurs when your head is thrown very quickly forward and back. Generally, pain or soreness from whiplash will begin to appear hours or days after a car accident.
  • Concussion
    If you hit your head on something inside of your car during a car accident, it is possible that you will have a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion can include headaches, blurry vision, nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, and more.
  • Knee Injuries
    When you are hit by a car, your body will often jerk forward. This can cause your knees to hit your dashboard, so knee injuries are common in car accidents.
  • Anxiety/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Many drivers who have been in a car accident experience extreme stress and anxiety. Driving again after being in a car accident can be very scary and can create many of the common symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, such as nightmares and heightened reactions.

Severe Car Accident Injuries

Some injuries are less likely to happen in car accidents. However, if the accident is severe, more extreme injuries can happen, such as:

  • Broken Bones
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Paralysis
  • Brain Injury

How Do I Avoid These Injuries?

There are steps that you can take to avoid or lessen injuries from car accidents. While they may not completely prevent injuries, they can definitely make injuries less severe and provide some protection if you are ever in a car accident.

  • Wear Your Seatbelt
    Wearing a seatbelt is very important. If you are in a severe car crash, having your seatbelt on can keep you in place and stop you from being thrown from the vehicle. Additionally, if your airbag deploys, your seatbelt will hold you in place and prevent you from leaning forward into an airbag that is deploying at full force.
  • Go the Speed Limit
    Car accidents are often much worse when both cars are traveling aT at high speeds. The same is true for the injuries that come from car accidents. Speed limits are put in place for the safety of drivers on the road, whether or not you are in an accident, so drive the speed limit to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

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