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Van Law Firm and Founder Sandy Van Pledge 400 Living Kits for Ukrainian Families in Need

On February 24, 2022, Russian forces officially invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, at the direction of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In the weeks since, there have been innumerable casualties and human rights violations, and upwards of one million Ukranians have since fled the country in efforts to keep their families and loved ones safe.

At Van Law Firm, caring for those in need has always been one of our core values. As such, founder Sandy Van and the rest of the VLF team have pledged 400 living kits for Ukrainian families and refugees.

These kits include toiletries, warm clothes, medical supplies, and other necessities that may not be readily accessible in their current environment. The donation was made through Entrepreneurs’ Organization Poland, which is the Polish chapter of an international networking organization that helps connect like-minded individuals and businesses all over the world.

For those interested, more information about the organization and their relief efforts can be found here.

This is not the first time our passion for giving back has extended internationally–in just the past year, we’ve apportioned aid to Afghan refugees and typhoon victims in the Philippines. We employ a number of virtual assistants from all over the world, and we view our company as an international community rather than an isolated organization.

As the tensions escalate in Ukraine and beyond, we will continue to monitor the situation and appropriate more resources if need be. In the meantime, if you or someone you love is in need of our help, simply contact our office nearest you as soon as possible. We’ve been helping accident victims for over 10 years now, and we have the resources to hold liable parties accountable. Call now for more information about how Van Law Firm can help.