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The Dangers of Consuming Las Vegas-Based ‘Real Water’ Products

Credit: FDA

In the field of personal injury, we see a common pattern arise with regards to hazardous health
products: a new, somewhat mysterious product becomes increasingly popular; consumers
(sometimes even a single person) start to notice something strange about the product or the
way they feel; finally, investigations reveal the full extent of the product’s dangers and the
damages it caused, and litigation ensues.
Such is the case with Real Water products– the Las Vegas-based company has gained
popularity in recent years by selling jugs of “alkalized” water that is “infused with negative ions.”
The manufacturer, operating under the title Inc., sells 5-gallon jugs as a
home subscription service, as well as individual bottles at retailers and alkaline concentrates
However, a wave of allegations have begun to crash in recent weeks, and lawsuits are
beginning to form as plaintiffs are revealing some troubling findings.

What Real Water Consumers are Alleging

In the suits that have been brought forth thus far, liver damage is by far the most common
ailment that has been cited, either in preliminary stages, or in more severe instances, in the
form of acute non-viral hepatitis.
Investigations are still in primary stages, but with regards to liver toxicity, it is suspected that the
water is inundated with alkaline substances, creating an unsafe pH balance. It appears to be
especially potent for younger consumers, as one suit filed on March 16th asserts that Real
Water products were the cause of liver damage for five children, all of whom were hospitalized.
Acute non-viral hepatitis, which is severe in nature, has also been cited. If left untreated, it can
lead to full-on liver failure, or even death. One man is claiming that Real Water was the cause of
his liver transplant in 2019.
As of right now, individuals who have a history of consuming Real Water products and are
experiencing the following symptoms are being urged to stop and seek medical attention right
– Nausea and vomiting
– Fatigue
– Loss of appetite and weight loss
– Jaundice
– Abdominal pain
– Dark-colored urine or grey-colored stool (or both)

FDA Statement and Investigations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially released a warning related to Real Water
products, in which they assert that “consumers, restaurants, and retailers should not drink, cook
with, sell, or serve” the alkaline water until more thorough investigations have been conducted.
Interestingly, the statement also notes that they have been unable to conduct investigations of
the Real Water facilities in Henderson, Nevada and Mesa, Arizona because of a “lack of
cooperation” from the company. In addition, Real Water has neglected to provide the
administration with requested records at this time.
The company issued a self-recall of their products nationwide on March 24th, 2021. Brent
Jones, the president of the company (and former Nevada lawman) has posted a two-minute
video statement in which he acknowledges the inquiries and expresses concern regarding the
product recalls.
Some consumers who previously subscribed to the 5-gallon home delivery service have said
that the company has asked to come and collect all product containers, whether they be full or
empty. Under no circumstances should these containers be relinquished, and subscribers are
encouraged to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

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