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The Common Causes Parking Lot Accidents in Las Vegas

Car accident in the parking lot. Inattention behind the wheel concept

Las Vegas is a city that is primarily built around attracting tourists and visitors. Of course, that means that there must be room enough to store all of their cars. Due to the sheer number of parking lots and garages around town, as well as the large percentage of drivers who are not entirely familiar with the area, parking lot accidents in Las Vegas are relatively common.

Don’t let the image of slow, stop-and-go parking fool you– these incidents often involve reports of reckless driving and high speeds. Pedestrians are especially at risk because they are usually exposed to moving vehicles, sometimes head-on. Insurance providers will typically try to understate these claims to circumvent paying full compensation, but oftentimes the severity is exhibited by the extent of the victims’ injuries. 

Common Causes

There are many scenarios for parking lot crashes, but here are some of the most common:

  • A driver with a larger vehicle attempts to pull into a space that is too small, and damages other vehicles around it. 
  • One or more pedestrians are struck by a vehicle. 
  • Two vehicles reverse simultaneously and strike each other
  • A driver is forced to stop abruptly, causing the drivers behind to rear-end one another. 
  • Two vehicles collide going for one parking space. 
  • A passing vehicle is struck by another driver backing out too aggressively. 

Things to Consider 

Almost all parking lots in town are considered private property– therefore the police do not have the same authority as they would on city streets, and they may not respond to a parking lot accident. However, drivers should remember that they can still come and create a report for the accident, which can be used as crucial evidence down the line. 

For the most part, parking lot accidents are not treated very differently than standard traffic incidents, in that the party who acted most egregiously and recklessly will likely be held liable for damages caused by the accident, such as medical reimbursement and property damage.  

Some cases are difficult to establish liability because of outside factors such as confusing signage, heavy traffic from both directions, and lot maintenance. The majority of these lots are privately owned, and therefore some victims may be able to sue the lot owners under a premises liability claim. In order to be successful, a premises liability claim must show that the owners either failed to maintain a safe environment, or failed to adequately warn others. This can include anything from potholes to a lack of proper lighting. 

Any drivers who have been involved in a parking lot incident should remain calm and follow the standard post-crash procedures. Take pictures of the incident, exchange information, and call emergency officials if needed– for a more in-depth review of these procedures, click here

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