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Sexual Assault Cases: Shedding Light on an Extremely Important Issue

With the recent rise of the #metoo movement, litigation of sexual assault cases has become a public focus. Sexual assault remains a huge problem in our society, so much so that modern estimates project that one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18. Even now, someone is sexually assaulted every 90 seconds in America on average.

Still, even with sexual assaults as a public focus of discussion, many survivors never come forward. Some studies reveal that this is because survivors of sexual assault fear that their story won’t be heard, or worse, won’t be believed. They may also be afraid of potential retaliation on behalf of the abuser. Victims of sexual assault can rest assured that Van Law Firm is standing by, ready to help. We want to hear your story, and we want to bring your attacker to justice. You deserve to be compensated for what you’ve been put through, and you deserve that peace of mind. Call our office nearest you today to get started. 

Organizational Liability

The vast majority of sexual assaults happen at the hands of a predator who is familiar to the survivor. This can be through school, sports, activities, work, or other organizations. Most of these organizations may, because of the special relationship, have a duty to protect students, athletes, members, employees, and so on.

Predatory people know that these organizations can offer access to victims, a built-in power dynamic, and sometimes even the “culture of secrets” that spawns abusive behavior. That’s why these kinds of organizations are responsible to thoroughly research the people working for them, and monitoring their activities to be sure that they are not trusting the wrong people. Failure to do so may result in what’s known as organizational liability. 

Telling Your Story Confidently 

If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, always remember that your attorney is there for you. This is your story, and your attorney is there to make sure that you are heard and will do anything that they can to help you reach that goal. As a client of Van Law Firm, we will support you every step of the way. Our experienced attorneys are specially trained to make sure that your story is told while minimizing the trauma of re-living the assault.

NV and WA Statutes of Limitation for Sexual Assault Cases 

Van Law Firm practices in both Nevada and Washington state. Laws in both states have recognized that most survivors of childhood sexual assault do not come forward until many, many years after they are abused. The law also recognizes that some survivors don’t fully understand how the abuse affects them until years later. For those reasons, both Nevada and Washington have extended the statutes of limitation or the time period in which a suit can be filed.

  1. Nevada

Nevada has a two-year statute of limitations to file suit. An exception is made for child survivors, who have 20 years as a “lookback period”, that 20-year lookback period starts at the survivor’s 18th birthday or the discovery that the assault caused injuries.  

  1. Washington

Washington has a three-year statute of limitations to file suit. For child survivors, this three-year period begins at the 18th birthday or the realization that the act caused the injury.  The adult statute of limitations can be two years, depending on the tort claimed by the survivor, assault and battery and invasion of privacy have the shorter statute of limitations. 

Contact Trusted Sexual Assault Attorneys Today 

If you’re a survivor who is ready to bring your attacker to justice, choose the experienced sexual assault attorneys at Van Law Firm to guide you through your case. We have a 24-hour intake team ready to take your call, so if now feels like the time to speak to someone about your experience, you won’t need to wait another minute. Our experienced attorneys can help you receive compensation for the wrongs that you’ve endured, and help you feel empowered to tell your story.  Call our location nearest you today for a free case evaluation and consultation.