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Revolving Door Accidents

Revolving door accidents

Revolving doors allow people to enter and exit a building without letting outside air to enter the structure.  However, while revolving doors offer energy efficiencies in heating and cooling, these doors also have potential shortcomings. If these revolving doors are defective or negligently maintained, these doors can cause severe injuries to innocent members of the public.

How Do Revolving Door Accidents Occur?

Revolving doors are intricate pieces of equipment composed of numerous mechanical components, which require proper installation, testing, and frequent maintenance to be safe for public use. The improper installation of mechanical components or negligent maintenance can often cause these revolving doors to malfunction, leading to injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to even death.

For instance, rain, cold temperatures, blowing sand, hot sun, heat, and other weather conditions can damage the pressure sensors, protective rubber coverings, and other components necessary for a revolving door to function properly. As such, these naturally deteriorating components will malfunction and cause injuries if they are not properly maintained. Similarly, if these components are not installed correctly in the first place, the revolving door will malfunction and cause injuries to members of the public.

Who is Responsible for Revolving Door Accidents and the Injuries they Cause?

Numerous parties may be liable when a revolving door causes injury or death, depending on the circumstances of the accident. If a designer poorly devised a revolving door that caused an accident or if a manufacturer produced a revolving door with a defect that led to an accident, the designer or the manufacturer maybe be liable for injuries in a product liability lawsuit.

Similarly, individuals who had a duty to install and maintain revolving doors properly may be liable if they negligently install or fail to maintain the revolving doors, they had a duty to keep safe. The individuals responsible for this maintenance can range from the property owner where the revolving door is located to a third-party maintenance company contracted to maintain and inspect the revolving door. 

Get Help with Revolving Door Accident Claims

The injuries caused by revolving doors can result in lifelong trauma, permanent impairments, and substantial financial losses. Victims may receive compensation for these and more damages by filing a personal injury claim against the parties responsible for the revolving door accident.

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