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Potential Damages to Be Aware of After Rear-End Accidents

Car accidents are scary enough when they unfold in front of you, but the unexpected jolt of a rear-end collision can be just as stressful. Rear-end accidents are more common than you might think–according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these crashes constitute nearly 30 percent of all accidents that result in serious harm. That being said, a lot of rear-end victims tend to downplay the severity of these incidents, especially if there are limited injuries. 

However, property damages are also a vital part of all personal injury claims, and rear-end crashes are notorious for causing damage that may be initially overlooked, which can be bad news when it comes time to put a figure on your overall settlement. Understanding what to look for after a crash can potentially save you a lot of money, especially if you retain a quality attorney to handle your case. Van Law Firm has settled innumerable rear-end cases over the years, and we’re always pursuing more–here are some of the things we’ve learned in our experiences so far. 

Collision Damage That May be Hidden 

It’s pretty common for a lot of rear-end accident victims to take a short look at their car and think that it “looks fine” from the outside when in reality these collisions commonly cause subsurface damage that is both expensive and maddening. 

Interestingly enough, perhaps the most overlooked type of damage related to rear-end collisions has to do with bumpers. Most cars from the last 20 years or so have simple plastic bumpers that offer minimal protection to the frame of the vehicle that sits right behind them. This damage can be devastating in terms of cost, and oftentimes the bumper may hide the damage that lies beneath. Avoid “bumper cover” by checking in and around the area, or consult with a repair shop to see if they find any underlying damage. 

Damage to the Trunk of Your Vehicle 

A damaged or malfunctioning trunk will greatly affect a vehicle’s market value, which is never desirable, especially if said vehicle is new or otherwise valuable. Trunks are tricky mechanisms with numerous small parts, so even a small collision can do major damage. A damaged trunk can also pose numerous safety problems, including:

  • The lid suddenly popping open during transit 
  • Inability to properly close and lock the trunk
  • Loss of seal resulting in water getting in 

Issues With Your Vehicle’s Alignment 

Following a rear-end crash, you always want to pay attention to whether or not your car is handling it differently than it usually does. If so, then you’ve likely noticed an issue with your car’s alignment. This means that your suspension has been altered to where your wheels are not pointed straight down, causing issues with wear and tear. Tell-tale signs of alignment issues include the following:  

  • Excessive or uncontrollable vibrations when driving, especially as speed increases 
  • The shakiness of the steering wheel 
  • Uneven steering, meaning the vehicle is pulling to one side 

Problems With Electrical Systems 

Cars are becoming more and more complex, meaning there are more electronics, sensors, and computers in our vehicles than ever before. As such, a rear-end crash can wreak havoc on your electrical system, and depending on your car, that could be a huge problem. Some common electrical-based issues include: 

  • Light malfunctions (headlights, tail lights, brake lights) 
  • Damage to electronic starters (push-button start) 
  • Drained battery due to severed connection or other issues 
  • Damage to your sound system 

All of the damages listed above can be extremely costly if ignored, and in some cases, it might actually total the vehicle altogether. That is why it is crucial to take every collision seriously and thoroughly check your vehicle before making premature conclusions. 

Protect Your Rights by Calling Trusted Rear-End Collision Attorneys

If you’ve suffered damages as a result of a rear-end collision that was not your fault, it is crucial to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury and rear-end collision attorney as soon as possible. Look no further than Van Law Firm–we’ve been helping accident victims get the treatment, repairs, and compensation that they need for almost ten years now, and with over 500-5-star reviews, it’s not hard to see that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Call our office nearest you for a free case review and consultation.