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When a car accident happens, it’s essential to know what steps to take to ensure that victims are protected and that you are appropriately compensated for your losses. The two golden rules everyone should follow after an accident are:

  1. Always stop even if both drivers do not believe there was any damage.
  2. Never admit responsibility.

Immediately After the Accident

You should check for injuries and get medical help on the way if necessary. Even when injuries and property damage appear minor, always contact the police so a report can be made. To preserve evidence, as the driver, you should not move your vehicles until you are instructed to do so by the police. The police can help you safely move your vehicle or secure the scene of the crash. Once you leave the scene, contact us for a free consultation at 702-529-1011 to make sure you are compensated for your losses. 

Gathering Information

Once everyone is safe, you should collect information about the vehicles and people involved in the crash. As the driver, you should gather the following:

  1. Statements from witnesses and their contact information;
  2. Photographs of the damage to both vehicles; 
  3. Dash-cam footage or video recordings of the accident;
  4. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of all parties involved in the accident;
  5. Insurance information (company and policy number); and
  6. The other vehicle’s information (including make, model, year, license plate, VIN). 

Describing the Accident

As the driver, you should record the date and time of when the accident occurred, the address or the road, direction, and nearest cross streets. The description should describe where the accident occurred and the direction each vehicle was going when it occurred. You should always take photographs of the scene of the accident. For example, notable landmarks that identify the location and pictures showing the directionality of both vehicles. 

As the driver, you should also take photographs of the damage to both vehicles. The pictures should be taken from multiple angles and also include any debris in the street. 

Additionally, you should write notes describing what happened. For example, as the driver, you should specify the speed you were going, what was happening immediately before the accident, and what you did right after the accident. As the driver, you should also note the weather conditions (raining, foggy, or sunny).

Once you contact us at Van Law Firm, we are going to be there for you throughout your entire case. That is why we pride our selves in guaranteeing that you pay nothing unless we win. 

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