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How Do I File an Auto Insurance Claim?

As a personal injury firm, we work with a high number of accident victims each day–accidents vary widely, but for the most part, all claimants have questions about the claim process. One of the most common questions we see is simply, “How do I file an auto insurance claim?” 

Before we discuss this question in detail, we must first mention that an experienced attorney can handle just about everything related to an auto accident claim. Van Law Firm has helped thousands of accident victims get the compensation they deserve, and we’re ready to help you too–simply call our location nearest you now to get started. 

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim 

Insurance companies have slightly different methods for filing claims, but they typically follow the same general principles. When an accident occurs and another party is liable, their insurance company will need to be contacted shortly thereafter, as well as your own. This can be done by you or your attorney, and the timeframe in which you need to file your own claim will vary depending on your policy. Regardless of the insurer, you will need to provide some basic information, including a brief description of the damages to your vehicle and person, any passengers traveling with you, the contact information for the other parties involved, and a brief description of the accident itself. 

If a police report was submitted for your accident, you should make sure a copy is obtained either by yourself or your attorney, to then give to the insurer responsible for your claim. These reports are often substantial pieces of evidence for a claim, and you want to make sure that the insurance company has all the information they need to compensate you fairly. 

Once your claim has been submitted, the insurance company will then conduct their own investigation with the help of an adjuster. This person will evaluate the evidence as well as your bodily and property damages and determine how much coverage will be provided, up to the limits of the policy in question. We advise all clients to act with caution when interacting with adjusters, as their job is to look for any way to avoid paying compensation–don’t speak to adjusters without an attorney present, and avoid meeting them in person unless absolutely necessary. 

However, some claims don’t end there. There are numerous reasons why a claimant may not receive full coverage right away, but two are most common: these include a lack of comprehensive coverage on behalf of the liable party, or a denial of coverage from the insurer. Luckily for claimants, both of these scenarios are easily navigable with the help of a qualified car accident attorney. 

Connect With Trusted Car Accident Attorneys 

If you have further questions about the claim process, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact the award-winning car accident attorneys from Van Law Firm as soon as possible. With ten years’ experience defending the rights of accident victims, there isn’t any case we can’t tackle. Call our location nearest you for more information.