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Hiring Experts For Your Las Vegas Car Accident case: Let Us Guide You

Female Motorist With Whiplash Injury In Car Crash Getting Out Of Vehicle

With regards to Las Vegas auto accidents, the issue of determining which driver is at fault and liable for damages is usually the most important and also the most difficult aspect of sorting out a crash. It’s not often that people will voluntarily raise their hand to accept blame, especially when that can mean writing a big check with the same hand. 

That is why it is important for drivers to be aware of what their Las Vegas accident attorney must prove in order to receive compensation for their client’s case– it’s a deceivingly simple criteria, in that they must prove that their client 1) was not at fault and 2) you suffered damages at the hands of another driver. Both of these tasks are harder than they may seem, which is why you should always bring your case to an experienced lawyer rather than try and handle it yourself. 

Most accident cases eventually settle out of court, while some may require both parties to go to trial. Either way, your attorney will need to prepare your case as much as possible, including the possibility of hiring experts to come and fight on your behalf. 

Different Types of Experts 

There are two main types of experts that are brought in by accident attorneys to help bolster their client’s case: accident recreation experts and medical experts. 

  •  Accident recreation experts, as their title suggests, use a multitude of tools such as pictures/video, witness statements, and police reports in order to piece together how an accident unfolded. They are usually trained in fields such as engineering. 
  • Medical experts can come and offer insight and testimony for any injuries that were sustained in the crash, as well as any future care that may be required. 

The Four Aspects to Proving Fault

Experts can provide critical information when arguing on behalf of a client, but that being said, there are still four aspects to proving fault that all lawyers must show in order to be eligible for compensation. All four must be met to be considered.

  • The other party is obligated to show a duty of care: This is the first element to any case involving negligence, and is not difficult to prove. As drivers, we all owe each other a certain amount of respect when driving on shared roads. 
  • This duty of care was breached: This is the real meat of most cases; accident recreation experts are primarily used during this section, when attorneys are attempting to demonstrate that the other party acted recklessly and violated traffic rules. 
  • The other party (you/ the client) was injured as a result of this breach: As long as you were seen by a medical professional following the accident, this is not difficult to show. Medical experts may be employed if the injuries are being downplayed, or if the at-fault party does not want to pay future costs. 
  • The injuries sustained were in fact caused by this breach: This is very similar to the aforementioned element– if the former is proved, the latter is almost certainly true as well. 

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