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ELMIRON Lawsuits: Everything You Need to Know…

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron is a prescription drug used for certain types of bladder issues. It is most commonly used to treat interstitial cystitis of the bladder, a medical condition that commonly causes bladder and pelvic pain. That disease can also mimic a common urinary tract infection.

Elmiron is not prescribed for eye or vision problems.

The generic name for Elmiron is pentosan, so a physician may have prescribed you either. It is the same chemical. Multiple companies produce and sell Elmiron, including Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, or Teva.

What is the Problem with Elmiron?

In 2018, studies came out showing Elmiron can cause serious and progressive vision loss. Macular degeneration (or “maculopathy”) is the most common form of vision loss, but researchers have identified a wide variety of issues.

Many physicians and patients say they were not adequately informed of the increased risk to their vision, and are now suing the original company for failing to warn them. Physicians in particular have alleged the company did not do enough to inform them of the risks, and so they were unable to correctly educate their patients.

How do I Know if I Qualify to Join an Elmiron Lawsuit?

If you were prescribed and used Elmiron/pentosan for at least two years, and suffered symptoms within one year of starting to take the medication, then you may qualify.

Law firms have been cleared to accept into the lawsuit Elmiron patients who were exposed to the drug as far back as 2010.

The government is allowing for “multidistrict litigation,” which is similar to a mass tort litigation (like what is happening with Zantac lawsuits) but allows a court to tailor the outcome specifically to each patient. As of early 2022, three cases in particular have been moved forward as “test cases.” The success of future cases will depend in large part on how these are settled.

What Symptoms will my Lawyer ask me About?

Elmiron’s negative side effects are mostly related to vision. You will need to tell your legal team exactly how you think the medication impacted you.

Common side effects from Elmiron/pentosan:

  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty reading or adapting to dim light
  • Degenerative maculopathy (progressive loss of vision)
  • “Halos” or blurry rings around lights
  • Balance problems
  • Macular degeneration

What other Information will my Legal Team Need?

It’s important to establish the timing of your case, so when you meet with your attorney plan to bring basic some basic information with you, such as the following:

  • When were you prescribed Elmiron/pantosan?
  • Who prescribed it to you?
  • What condition was it supposed to treat?
  • How long did you take the drug?
  • Did you complete all of your doses?
  • When did the side effects begin?
  • Did the side effects improve when you stopped the drug?
  • Has there been any change in your condition since?
  • Do you or anyone in your family have a history of similar vision problems?

What should I do if I have other questions?

If you think you or a loved one has suffered negative side effects from Elmiron or pantosan, call Van Law Firm today. We have trained professionals ready to make sure you get the answers — and the help – you need.