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Haunted Houses are often the site of slip and fall injuries. Haunted Houses frighten people using a combination of scare tactics, rides, and props which can combine into a dangerous mixture which results in severe injuries. 

Haunted House Injuries

October is fast approaching which means that more and more people will be visiting a haunted house and are at risk of serious injuries. Haunted Houses use scare tactics to create excitement, but those same tactics can result in injuries. For example, some actors might take their “role” too seriously and grab or pull at guests which can result in violent twists or falls to escape. The extras hired to work Haunted Houses are often not full-time professionals, and therefore their actions can cause or exacerbate injuries. Finally, while not frequent, some actors may touch their guests inappropriately. 

Furthermore, Haunted Houses are usually “dressed up” in October (in preparation for a swell of guests) which usually means recently finish construction issues such as exposed nails, improperly affixed props, and other issues. For example, hastily constructed walls and stages can result in scratches or puncture wounds if a guest tries to run away. Moreover, props can and do fall on visitors because of the hasty construction. 

Seeking Compensation 

Seeking compensation against a Haunted House presents more complex issues than against other businesses (such as casinos or restaurants) because the owners can raise an “assumption of the risk” defense. Assumption of the risk means that the visitor willingly entered the Haunted House to be scared and therefore was aware of all the typical actions that come from trying to be scared. For example, visitors expect to be jumped at by actors; they expect darks rooms, concealed areas, fog, and other “spooky” devices that obstruct vision and potentially dangerous conditions. Moreover, many of these Haunted House operators require their visitors to waive their rights to recover for injuries. Therefore, visitors are confronted with two issues (1) assuming the risk and (2) waiving their rights. 

However, a big advantage for plaintiffs is that Haunted Houses should have a liability insurance policy. Therefore, visitors who are injured are not limited by the monies held by the owner or operator of the Haunted House (which are frequently non-profits). Accordingly, if visitors can overcome the defenses and waivers, then they may recover compensation. Once you contact us at Van Law Firm, we are going to be there for you throughout your entire case. That is why we pride our selves in guaranteeing that you pay nothing unless we win

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