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Common Surgeries in Auto Accident Cases

It should come as no surprise when personal injury attorneys make a big deal out of their client’s injuries and demand proper medical care–after all, that’s our job. However, that care will obviously look different depending on the situation: some claimants come to us after they’ve already had treatment and are now looking for reimbursement, whereas others have come fresh from an accident and still need care. 

If the plaintiff received emergency care, that means there were effectively no other options, and so the treatment and expenses have already been established for the most part. If the plaintiff still needs treatment, things can get complicated, as it becomes a fight with either the opposing insurer or your own, depending on who doesn’t want to pay. Latent injuries are also a sore spot, as opposing insurers will vehemently deny paying for injuries that they feel aren’t directly related to the accident. 

Out of all the treatments and claims that we handle at Van Law Firm, auto accidents that require surgeries are some of the most common combinations. These procedures tend to be incredibly expensive, and the debates that happen overpayment for surgery are complex and nuanced. That is an entirely separate topic, but here we will go more in-depth into the specific types of procedures we see most often. 

Getting Surgery After an Auto Accident

Before we talk about the surgeries themselves, it’s important to remember that proper evaluation and diagnoses are needed before that point is reached. After all, it’s a decision that only you can make regarding your own body, and so claimants shouldn’t feel overly encouraged or discouraged about a certain treatment. Don’t elect for a surgery solely because it might enable you to recover more money, and don’t neglect it solely because you want a quick process. 

That all being said, some of the most common auto accident surgeries we handle include: 

Knee surgery: Regardless of the make or model, all car passengers ride in the same seated position, and so your knees and legs are inherently vulnerable. Much like how your nose will feel an impact on your face first, the same is true of your knees, as they are constantly being pressed into doors or pinned in awkward positions. There are a lot of moving parts in a knee, and you’d be amazed how jumbled it can become after an accident–repairing the four main ligaments (ACL, LCL, MCL, and PCL), are perhaps the most common procedures. 

Back surgery: Back pain or discomfort is a leading complaint for all adults, not just accident victims. A crash can cause you to suffer herniated or slipped disks or even fractures, which would force victims to have either a vertebroplasty (fractures) or discectomy (disks) procedure. These are often some of the most intensive procedures in terms of recovery time. 

Spinal fusion: These are also back procedures, specifically for those who have had a herniated disk removed. By fusing two of the remaining vertebrae together, it provides your back with some much-needed stabilization. This is referred to as spondylodesis

Plastic surgery: Car accidents combine blunt force with sharp objects and flammable substances. As such, burns, cuts, and other disfiguring injuries commonly require some form of plastic surgery to mitigate the scarring. 

Dental surgery: Similar to other plastic surgeries, teeth tend to go flying in auto accidents, especially if the driver hits their head on the steering wheel. These procedures can range from simple extractions all the way to full implants and facial reconstruction. 

Brain surgery: These are some of the most severe and most unfortunate procedures we encounter. Oftentimes, a massive impact to your head will cause your brain to swell, which makes fluid build-up and put pressure on your skull.  Surgery is often needed to attempt to relieve this pressure–we say attempt, as anything involving the brain is tricky and not guaranteed. Medically, this is known as a craniectomy

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