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Apple AirPods Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

A recent tragedy in Texas brought to light possible issues with Apple’s signature AirPod devices. A 12 year old boy was using the headphones when a glitch caused an Amber Alert to play at an unsafe volume level. The alert caused permanent damage to the boy’s hearing.

“B.G.,” was watching Netflix at “low volume” when an Amber Alert on his phone device played through his AirPods. B.G.’s lawyer claims a defect in the product caused it to play so loud that it physically destroyed the boy’s ear drum. The volume caused permanent damage to his hearing and balance, and the child has had bouts of nausea and vertigo. The family says the boy will require lifelong treatment for the injury, including hearing aids and more.

B.G.’s lawyer claims that more tougher safety measures would have prevented the accidental injury. He and the family say the Apple AirPods should automatically limit the volume to safe levels. B.G.’s parents are asking for $75,000 to cover the care now required by the child.

Apple products do have a volume-limiting feature available on all iPhone-connected devices. This feature is accessible through the Settings menu, and limits the decibel levels on connected devices, such as AirPods. The user agreements also contain warnings about using high volumes for any amount of time.

What can I do to protect myself and my loved ones?

Repeated exposure to loud noises, or even a one-time injury can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Many mobile devices now feature volume-limiting features in their settings. Double-check your own devices, and devices used by loved ones. Limit headphone use, and be sure you are not trying to “drown out” surrounding noise.

Noises above 85 decibels should be turned down. The louder the noise, the shorter your exposure should be. OSHA recommends no longer than eight hours at 90 dB, and noises at 110dB can cause permanent damage in under a minute.

Hearing damage starts out low. Difficulty hearing conversations in crowded areas or trouble hearing the television can be signs that problems are starting. A constant ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, is also a sign of permanent damage.

There are currently no cures for hearing loss, so prevention is the best and only solution. Hearing aids can help boost quiet noises or soft conversations. Closed captioning on screens can help you follow along with your favorite shows and movies without using dangerous volumes.

How can Van Law Firm help?

Damage to your hearing can come from many sources – we don’t always have control over our environment. If you or a loved one thinks you have suffered hearing loss from a faulty product or illegal situation, call us now. Sometimes a defect in the design of a device can cause unexpected problems. Employers don’t always enforce safe work practices, and can leave employees vulnerable.

If any of these situations sound like yours, we can help. We have a team of legal and medical experts ready to help you make the decisions that are best for you. If damage to your hearing has been caused by something beyond your control, we may be able to help you get the treatment and justice you deserve.