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Bus Accidents

Protecting Bus Accident Victims in Las Vegas

When you’re injured in a bus accident in Las Vegas or Henderson, don’t rely on the transportation company’s crash investigators or insurance adjusters to take care of your losses. Their main concern is their own bottom line. Our main concern is your recovery. Call our office right away to make sure your right to compensation is protected.

Determining Liability in Your Bus Crash

Determining liability in an accident involving a bus is often the most complicated part of the injury claim. Unlike traffic accidents that involve privately owned vehicles, liable parties in bus crashes often include numerous types of entities. In fact, in Las Vegas alone, the Regional Transportation Commission buses, or RTC buses have several entities.  Failing to put the right entity on notice may cause you to lose your case. Factors like the type of bus in the crash, the type of entity that owns and manages the bus, and even where the bus is registered can impact a claim. There are also laws that impose special duties of care applicable to bus drivers and companies. And since bus companies are considered common carriers in Nevada, they can be held liable for injuries to passengers even when they are determined to be only “slightly at fault.”

To make matters even more challenging for victims of bus crashes, bus company investigators will often attempt to take over the accident investigation. When staff representing the bus company is in charge of the investigation, they will likely try to minimize or even deny the company’s liability.

Hiring an experienced bus accident lawyer to help determine liability after a crash can increase your chances for a successful outcome. After we perform an accident investigation, we’ll look at all possible contributing factors to determine who may be liable. Individuals and other entities that may be held responsible include:

How Much Money Can You Collect After a Bus Crash?

The amount of money you may be able to recover after a crash involving a mass transit vehicle can vary significantly depending on the allocation of fault, how severely you were injured, whether your injuries are permanent, whether a substantial number of victims were involved, and who owns/manages the bus involved in the crash.

In Nevada, there are limits on bus accident damage awards. These caps represent the maximum amount of money a party can be required to pay per accident. If numerous people are hurt, the maximum amount of money each victim could receive decreases.

For public buses owned and managed by the government, there is typically a $100,000 cap on damages per bus accident. So if Clark County is operating a bus that is in an accident and multiple people are hurt, the government agency is liable for up to $100,000 in damages.

For private buses in Las Vegas, damage limits are often much higher. When buses are operated by private entities, the companies are required to carry commercial insurance policies. The coverage on these policies generally max out at $1,000,000 or more per accident.

The determination of the cause of your bus accident, the allocation of fault, and the types of entities involved can have a substantial impact on the amount of money you can recover. Let us help make sure you recover the money your case is worth. Call our office at 702-529-1011.