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How the Right Personal Injury Lawyer Matters

“I’ll fight to get the settlement you deserve.” “We won’t see a dime unless we win.” “Insurance companies are afraid of me!” Living in Las Vegas, it is nearly impossible to drive down the street without seeing endless billboards with one of these slogans on them and the name of a Personal injury lawyer.  Most … Read more

Will I get a higher settlement with a personal injury lawyer?

Higher settlement with a personal injury lawyer

Suppose you or someone close is injured due to a slip and fall, auto accident, workplace accident, or other personal injury. In that case, you may end up asking yourself whether it is worth hiring a personal injury lawyer. One of the essential things that insurance companies will try to avoid paying for are the … Read more

Suing Casinos for Bedbug Bites

Bedbug Bites

“Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” It is a nursery rhyme that most Americans have heard, but not many have had experience with the pesky critters that inspired it.  While bed bugs may seem like a remnant of the past, many Americans have experienced bites, infections, and other complications from bed bugs … Read more

Will My Prior Felony Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Prior felony conviction

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone makes bad choices. Some mistakes and some questionable choices are worse than others. And sometimes, those mistakes and poor decisions can come back to haunt us. Let’s say, for example, that you have a past felony on your record. And let’s say that you are now the plaintiff in a personal … Read more

Swimming Pool Accidents: Let Us Help You


What Are Swimming Pool Accidents? When warm weather arrives, many people enjoy going for a swim at a neighborhood, hotel, or casino pool. However, improper recreational safety practices can result in severe harm to swimmers. This is especially true for children, as one in five people who die from drowning are children under the age … Read more

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Let Us Help Guide You 


Brain injury cases can be complex; they require extreme detail-orientated skills from the start of your case, while also paying close attention to comprehensive medical records. Additionally, consulting an experienced, knowledgeable, and highly organized personal injury attorney before pursuing your claim is not only very important, but can also be critical to the success of your case.  … Read more

They’re Watching: How Social Media Can Ruin Your Case


How often do you use your smartphone? Whether to send an email, Google search, make a call, or use your favorite application, one thing is for certain– Americans are connected to their phones. “A study by global tech protection and support company Asurion found that the average person struggles to go little more than 10 … Read more


animated house

[gdlr_core_space height=”30px”] Haunted Houses are often the site of slip and fall injuries. Haunted Houses frighten people using a combination of scare tactics, rides, and props which can combine into a dangerous mixture which results in severe injuries.  Haunted House Injuries October is fast approaching which means that more and more people will be visiting … Read more

Who covers your medical bills after a slip & fall accident?

Insurance information sheet

[gdlr_core_space height=”30px”] There are three basic forms of insurance that provide coverage after a slip and fall: (1) the injured party’s private insurance (usually through an employer); (2) the commercial liability policy of the premises in which the fall occurred; and (3) government insurance for individuals who do not have private insurance. Payments for medical … Read more