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Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Drownings

Has the Negligence of Another Caused You or Someone You Love to Suffer a Drowning or Near-Drowning?   For many years now, swimming and other water-based activities have become an increasingly popular option for those looking to have fun, get some exercise, or simply get a little reprieve from hot temperatures. However, this increased pool traffic … Read more

Can I Switch Personal Injury Attorneys During My Case?

When accident victims make the decision to retain a personal injury attorney, they do so with the goal of recovering compensation which will help reduce their stress and misfortune. Unfortunately, however, this goal doesn’t always come to fruition, and claimants may be wondering whether or not they have the desire or ability to change their … Read more

Have You Experienced Complications With Your Stryker Hip Replacement?

It’s no secret that poor mobility can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life, especially with regard to your hips and legs. That is why so many people across the U.S. opt for joint replacements and prosthetic treatment options, so that they can regain at least some of their former movement and flexibility. … Read more

The Shocking Statistics Regarding Child Drowning Incidents

It’s no secret that children have a tendency to get themselves into trouble, which can sometimes spell disaster for them as well as their families. Swimming pool drownings are unfortunately one of the most common examples of this, and parents everywhere should be aware of the potential risks that may lead to a drowning incident.  … Read more

What Is a Circulation Entrapment Injury?

When it comes time to shed our winter clothes and have fun by the pool, we usually aren’t concerned about safety, or lack thereof. Unfortunately, however, there are numerous ways in which we can suffer an injury at a swimming pool, more than just drownings or near-drownings. One such risk that many swimmers may not … Read more

Who Should I Sue After a Bus-Related Accident?

Any accident that takes place at a bus stop or otherwise involves a bus can be an extremely stressful and frightening experience as it’s unfolding, but even after the dust settles accident victims will likely have a lot of questions left to answer. This includes everything from medical treatments to car repairs and time away … Read more

Have You Been Injured at a Bus Stop? Here’s What You Should Do

When you’re waiting patiently for your bus to arrive, the possible risk of injury is likely the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, however, bus stop accidents and other bus-related incidents are more common than you might think. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2018 alone there were 234 buses involved … Read more

Why Call a Personal Injury Attorney After a Bus Stop Accident?

In the event that you’ve been injured in an accident at a bus stop or bus shelter, you will likely have a lot of questions and concerns flying around in your head. This includes everything from your physical health to who may be to blame for the accident. In situations like these, there are usually … Read more

What Damages Can Nevada Bus Accident Victims Recover?

What Damages Can Nevada Bus Accident Victims Recover? Even though buses are generally seen as a much safer alternative mode of transportation compared to cars and motorcycles, accidents and injuries are still much more common than you might think. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are over 15,000 injury-inducing bus accidents … Read more

Why Do I Need to Prove Fault in Order to Recoup Compensation?

Whenever an individual has suffered injuries in an auto accident caused by a separate party, he or she will almost surely be faced with numerous expenses after the incident. The severity may vary, but this will include both property damages and medical costs for the most part. The most effective way to recoup these expenses … Read more