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Personal Injury Law Firm

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.



50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

North Las Vegas

Personal Injury Law Firm

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Millions recovered in motor vehicle accident cases. You pay nothing unless we win!


$50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

50+ Million Recovered.
500+ Five Star Reviews.


Client-focused Firm Assisting Injured North Las Vegas Residents

After nearly a decade of serving North Las Vegas accident victims, we understand just how substantial of an impact accident injuries can have on a person’s life. Even though the incident usually occurs within minutes or seconds, the physical and financial effects can truly last a lifetime. That is why Van Law Firm has such a strong sense of purpose, as we work tirelessly to make a difference in the community by allowing injury victims to get the compensation and rehabilitation they need to get back to normal. 

Practice specialties are never an issue for our firm, as we take pride in our diverse and experienced legal staff. We make sure to stay up on all the latest claims and case types, but for the most part, we are always accepting new cases for the following: 

  • Car accidents 
  • Bad faith insurance claims 
  • Defective products, devices, and medications 
  • Workers’ Compensation 
  • Premises liability claims 
  • Wrongful death claims 
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims 
  • Nursing home abuse claims
  • Motorcycle and bike accidents
  • Trucking accidents 

After settling innumerable accident cases, we know how taxing a personal injury suit can be from beginning to end, on top of all the normal stresses of everyday life. When you trust us to handle your case, we take that responsibility seriously by making sure that you always know exactly where your case stands at any given time. Our doors are always open and we have operators standing by to take your calls 24/7. 

Always Remember Modified Comparative Negligence

Due to the fact that personal injury cases rarely go to trial, some may be of the belief that they are an “easy” or “simple” undertaking–we’re here to tell you that that is simply not the case. One thing about tort (personal injury) cases is that the defendant can take many forms, including businesses, insurance companies, property owners, and individuals. Finding the party at fault for your injuries and bringing them to justice can be an extremely difficult and tedious process. 

As is the case with the majority of legal concepts, personal injury litigation differs greatly by state. This is one of the biggest reasons why claimants need to hire an attorney who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction, as the last thing you want to do is make an error in compliance or argument. All Nevada accident victims should understand the concept of modified comparative negligence before filing their claim. 

The simplest way to explain modified comparative negligence is to imagine the lawsuit more so as an analysis of the accident itself rather than a head-to-head debate. In other words, every party involved may be assigned a percentage of liability, regardless of the claimant title (plaintiff or defendant). It all comes down to the accident itself and who was responsible for what–for example, if there are 4 parties total in a case, all 4 may be assigned a percentage of fault so long as the total matches 100. This presents two vitally important considerations: 1) any percentage of fault you are assigned will reduce your potential settlement  by the same amount, and 2) any party with over 50 percent of the liability is ineligible to receive compensation.

Let us evaluate your situation and determine the best path to take to help you achieve your goals. Give our injury attorneys a call today at 702-529-1011.

What Kinds of Compensation Can We Recover for Injured Nevadans?

Regardless of what type of claim it is, all personal injury and mass tort plaintiffs must prove that the defendant was negligent in some way, and that you were injured as a result of that negligence and suffered damages. Here again we remind claimants of the difficulty of doing so successfully–hiring a qualified attorney from Van Law Firm will automatically raise the base level of compensation you will receive, and there’s no limit to how high it can go from there. 

The majority of debates will be centered around what are known as compensatory damages, which are what most people are familiar with. These might include:

  • Medical costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages, damage to future earnings
  • Disability 
  • Loss of enjoyment 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of companionship

Courts may also decide to award punitive damages in some exceptionally harmful cases. The key word here is ‘decide,’ as attorneys don’t necessarily argue for them, they are simply awarded by the court when they feel a defendant has committed an especially egregious offense. It’s easier to think of them simply as fines and fees rather than compensation. They are only about 5 percent of the time.

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North Las Vegas accident victims can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that top-tier legal service is just a phone call away at all times. Over the years, Van Law Firm has worked tirelessly to build and maintain a 5-star reputation both in North Las Vegas and throughout the state. Call (725) 900-9000 now for more information and a free, confidential consultation.

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