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Motorcycle Accidents- Let Us Guide You

Motorcycle accidents

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident or have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle, your next step should be to talk with an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer. Motorcycles are much smaller and lighter compared to cars; thus, motorcycle accidents can result in much different injuries. Further, the liability surrounding motorcycle incidents can be very serious and different from that of car accidents. 

Most often, motorcycle accidents happen because somebody involved was negligent. An accident that might be inconsequential when two passenger cars are involved can be devastating when a motorcycle is involved. Van Law Firm is here to give you correct and direct legal advice, leading you throughout the legal process. Our experience helps us to distinguish that motorcyclists are exposed to an entirely different set of rules and dangers compared to automobiles or truck drivers. 

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents include traditional motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, trikes, etc. 

  • Riding Skills: Riding a motorcycle takes skill and concentration, much more highly advanced skills are required in order to operate a motorcycle. Unlike other motor vehicles, the consequences of making a mistake are much more drastic for a new rider. 
  • Visual Recognition: Motorcycles move more quickly and easily; thus, they are so small that they are able to shift lanes rapidly., vehicle drivers don’t notice motorcycles or notice them too late after they have switched lanes. 
  • Road Hazards:  Road hazards are often the cause of motorcycle accidents. For example, motorcyclists may more easily run into objects when trying to switch lanes or even attempting to avoid them.
  • High-Speed Risks: Riding a motorcycle can be a tremendous adrenaline rush; thus, high speeds are often seen in motorcycle accidents.  More commonly, motorcycles operating at higher speeds can experience “speed wobbles”, the consequence of a misalignment of the front tire causing it to wobble unsteadily, leading to a crash. 

Other Causes:

  • Individuals negligently turning or changing lanes without double-checking for nearby motorcycles. 
  • Both sleep deprived and intoxicated drivers. 
  • Larger cars, trucks, vans passing recklessly and illegally around motorcycles on the road.

 The Early Investigation: A Critical Portion to Your Case:

At Van Law Firm, we believe the very beginning of your case is the most critical part. An investigation must be tasked immediately when the case opens. We will go to the scene of the incident to gather evidence. Physical evidence can be a turning point for your case. These include: skids, motorcycle pieces, car pieces, etc. 

Some other early investigation includes: 

–       Obstructions in view, trees, vehicles, trash cans, signage

–       Substances on roadway, oil, grease, algae, water

–       Obtaining security videos, at the accident location and surrounding area

–       Secure helmet, clothing, shoes, boots, gloves, jacket, etc.

–       Have expert examine and check what gear the motorcycle is in

–       Inspect car, event recorder 

–       Take and gather photographs 

Whatever evidence is out there to help your case – we’ll find it!

Analyzing the Case in a Skillful Manner: 

–    Gathering photographs from the scene.

–    In-depth analysis of traffic signals and lines. 

–    Complete detailed understanding of the accident through by diagrams.

–    Constructive video analysis, etc.

Understanding Crash Sequences

All injury accidents can be both complex and frightening. Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be more complicated as it takes additional analysis to understand the lighter weight, faster ability, and manner of driving involved in a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents can occur from loss of traction on the front or rear tire or sometimes even both when braking a motorcycle. Thus, an experienced Accident attorney with an eye for detail will know that both front and rear tires make different skid marks that can be distinguished from one another. Furthermore, a rotating tire skid is also different from that of a locked tire. Thesequences that are predominantly important to understand are: 

–       Broken headlamp glass near the impact.

–       Gouge marks developed from foot pegs, handlebars, and skid bars

–       Rider may or may not separate from the bike (groin injuries are most common)

–       There will be hard to avoid impacts which results in no time to react

–     Keep in mind that motorcycles cannot be maneuvered similarly to a car; thus, the driver must lean in with his weight in order to steer. This changes the forces involved as well.

Elements can also be vital factors such as: sun and glare, wet roads, and foreign elements on the roadway.  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has gathered statistics regarding motorcycle accidents. They have found that individuals who ride motorcycles are more highly prone to injury and death compared to individuals who drive vehicles. (Citation) Furthermore, they indicated that cyclists lack protection around their bodies, leaving them vulnerable to serious accident injuries. 

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in the State of Nevada

  • Across the state of Nevada, there were fifty-four motorcycle fatalities in 2017.
  • Of these 54 fatalities, 44 motorcyclists were helmeted, 8 were un-helmeted, and 2 were unknown.
  • Nevada motorcycle accidents result in a 76% injury rate.
  • During 2017-2018, Nevada saw a 6% increase in overall traffic fatalities. 
  • More than 3000 auto accidents occur in Nevada each year due to inattention or carelessness behind the wheel. 


As you experience physical, financial, and emotional damages – you may qualify for compensation. In a motorcycle accident lawsuit, damages are generally categorized into two categories:

  1. Compensatory damages Compensatory damages may be calculated exactly through medical bills, treatments, etc. These damages also relate back to lost wages during recovery from the accident to due numerous doctor appointments, physical pain, etc. 
  2. Punitive damages Punitive damages are complete opposite damages compared to compensatory damages. These damages cannot be exactly measured; however, damages of pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, etc. are damages that fall within this category. 

What Van Law Firm Can Do for You:

The legal process of a motorcycle accident can be tricky, tiresome, and difficult to deal with. Here at Van Law Firm, your case is important to us and we will help get the reimbursement you deserve. 

  • Medical expenses received due to the accident.
  • All future medical costs sustained from the accident.
  • Future lost wages from work due to reduction of work caused by injuries.
  • Travel expenses gathered.
  • Damages of pain and suffering that include emotional distress, etc.

We take the time to understand your accident and take all the necessary steps to help you recover. Call us today.