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Sandy Van founder of Van Law firm

Sandy Van


Sandy Van focuses her practice on personal injury law, auto accidents, premise liability, slip & falls, dangerous and defective medical devices, products, and drugs, and is licensed to practice law in Nevada state and federal courts and Washington state courts. She is an alumni of William S. Boyd School of Law. While studying law, she externed for the Honorable Judge Nancy Saitta (formerly Justice Nancy Saitta of the Nevada Supreme Court) in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada. Following law school, she clerked for Honorable David Barker, District Court Judge, Clark County, Nevada (formerly the Chief Judge of the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada.) Prior to law school, Sandy earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Personal Injury | Van Law Firm

Van Law Firm is a Las Vegas, Henderson, and Washington Personal Injury Law Firm that represents individuals in mass tort cases, those who are injured in an auto accident, and company premises such as slip and falls.


There are a lot of law firms out there, especially in the personal injury field. What makes us different is we actually really do care about our clients. There have been times when we have gone the extra mile for our clients to ensure that their FMLA is filled out so that they do not lose their jobs. We make sure they have the medical care they need so that they no longer have radiating pain through their arms or legs. We have even gone as far as to have water softener pellets delivered to our client who had a back problem. Our reviews and awards truly show how much we care about our clients.

You can bring us whatever documents that you may have in your possession or no documents at all, and we can worry about that later. No documentation is necessary. Common documents include:

– Police reports
– Traffic incident reports
– Your personal insurance declaration page to determine if there is additional coverage for your claim and vehicle
– The Defendant’s information
– Any pictures of the accident scene, the vehicles, license plates, and VIN numbers

If you’re a passenger in a covered or ridesharing vehicle and hit while in service, you should be covered by the company’s policy. Ride-share companies, in most cases, will not claim legal responsibility for their drivers as they are not employees of the company, but you will be covered as a passenger. Keep in mind that the insurance for the at-fault party, whether it was your driver that caused the accident or the driver of the other vehicle, will be the first policy that we would make a claim against. Ride-share companies have a team of lawyers in place to ensure that they pay out as little as possible, so it’s important that you hire your own independent lawyer if you are ever in this situation.

If you require emergency medical attention due to an accident and you do not have health insurance, you should still seek medical treatment as your health is important. If it can wait, you can contact us immediately and we will schedule you with a doctor who will accept a lien. A lien is basically an IOU or promise to pay the doctor when your case settles. When the defendant’s insurance company accepts liability and your claim is settled, your medical bills are normally paid from the settlement. If you do not seek medical attention shortly after the accident, the insurance company will say that you are not injured, which can greatly affect your settlement. Contact us and we can get you the medical attention you need.

Settlement figures are determined by a multiplier of the medical bills, the extent of the documented injuries, the noneconomic damages such as not being able to hike, carry your toddler, or dance, etc. It is also based on the available policy limits, how much treatment you had, who is determined to be at fault, and if you are also partially at fault. Our number one goal is to get you the full policy limits whenever possible. Contact our office at 702-529-1011 so that we can give you an accurate opinion as to how much your settlement may be.


When you refer injury cases to us, you are doing a great service to your clients and to your firm. We value all of our referral relationships and promptly pay referral fees upon the resolution of a case. We at Van Law Firm always comply with all State Bar rules when entering into fee sharing arrangements.