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Will I get a higher settlement with a personal injury lawyer?

Higher settlement with a personal injury lawyer

Suppose you or someone close is injured due to a slip and fall, auto accident, workplace accident, or other personal injury. In that case, you may end up asking yourself whether it is worth hiring a personal injury lawyer. One of the essential things that insurance companies will try to avoid paying for are the future ramifications of your injuries. However, some injuries do require future treatment. What if you are still suffering pain months after your accident? What if the accident has made you bedridden, and you are unable to work?

Studies show that people who have suffered from auto accidents and have dealt with bodily injuries have better chances of winning the case by hiring a Personal injury lawyer. To be precise, the chances are 3.5 times higher. Other studies have found that around 85% of personal injury cases, where the victim receives a settlement, are clients who hired a personal injury lawyer.

Every insurance company knows what to say to the victim to discourage further payout when discussing their injuries. The companies often place blame on the victim for the damage caused to them. On top of everything, the insurance company will use every tactic to prolong your settlement, forcing you to pay for your medical expenses on top of living expenses—pressuring you to accept a smaller settlement than you deserve.

As soon as you hire a lawyer, the insurance company will move your case to a different claims adjuster with greater authority to resolve your claim. While dealing with insurance companies, you need a team that knows how to speak the insurance company’s language. This is why so many people who suffer from personal injuries ask for a renowned and reputable personal injury lawyer. Being represented by a reliable personal injury lawyer gives you an upper hand at winning your case and receiving a higher settlement for any mental and physical pain you have endured. A reliable personal injury firm is experienced, and they have already dealt with thousands of similar cases.

When you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, the professionals will be working with your medical team to get an understanding of your injuries and what your recovery will look like. Your personal injury lawyer will fight on your behalf to obtain a settlement or judgment in your favor to compensate you for your losses – including property damages, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. 

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