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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do After a Las Vegas Fender Bender

Most people are of the belief that it is unnecessary to contact an attorney after a relatively minor car accident, also known as a “fender bender.” For the most part, damages and immediate injuries are minimal, and everyone just has a spell of butterflies and increased heart rate. 

These sensations are typical effects of an adrenaline rush, which can go a long way in masking physical pain and symptoms after an accident. This is especially true for head and neck injuries, as sudden jolts and back-and-forth movements typically cause at least some form of whiplash or concussion. Not only that, but loud sudden noises such as car horns, tire squealing, and vehicle impact can also contribute to head injuries. 

Therefore, the chances of you sustaining a long-term injury even from a mild crash are higher than most would like to believe. That is why you should follow these steps after a Vegas crash, so that you retain as many of your legal rights as possible. 

You Should NOT Talk to Insurance Companies 

Naturally, the marketing campaigns for almost every insurance company in the U.S. rely heavily on the concepts of trust, security, and protection (you can probably think of three or four slogans off the top of your head right now). 

Now, to be fair, insurance adjusters are nice people for the most part; they just have a really heavy and important job that can impact each case significantly. Don’t be fooled– insurers, like almost all businesses, care solely about making money, not spending it. No matter who it is that files a claim, it’s just another bill they want to avoid if possible, and it doesn’t matter if you are a policyholder or not. This is doubly true for opposing insurers. 

The antagonistic nature of the correspondence typically starts with the initial phone call, as operators are skilled at prying off valuable information from victims immediately after an incident. A lot of the time these calls are recorded, and, thanks to a legal loophole regarding hearsay, the information taken from them is frequently used in court. 

You are under no obligation to give any statement to the opposing party’s insurer, and if you do it will almost certainly have a negative impact on your case. So, always retain a trusted personal injury attorney, so that they can handle the communication as well as the preservation of any evidence. In addition, if your personal policy does not require you to report an accident immediately, then you should probably hold back on that also. 

You SHOULD Talk With a Las Vegas Attorney

As established earlier, it’s very possible to sustain injuries that don’t necessarily develop right away. The longer you wait, the more strenuous and expensive your treatment will become. So, take the definitive first step and contact an attorney, such as those from Van Law Firm. 

A lot of people will frown and say, ‘why go to a lawyer rather than a physician?’ The reason for this is because a large percentage of health insurers do not cover auto accident-related costs, due to issues of liability. In addition, your primary doctor is most likely not the best medical avenue to take when dealing with accident injuries. 

The medical benefits of hiring an attorney are twofold: they can arrange letters of protection or medical liens so that you can still receive treatment while the case is ongoing, and they can also connect you to the best trauma and accident doctors in your area so that you get personalized care. 

Connect With Proven Lawyers Now 

If you’ve been involved in a Vegas auto accident and are starting to develop injury symptoms, contact Van Law Firm’s trusted team of Las Vegas personal injury attorneys right away to see if your case is eligible with a free consultation. We don’t take a case unless we’re supremely confident in its outcome, and with nearly 500 5-star reviews so far, it’s safe to say that our intuition is paying off. Call our office nearest you today to learn more about what VLF can do for you.