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50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.



50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.



50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

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Millions recovered in motor vehicle accident cases. You pay nothing unless we win!


$50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

50+ Million Recovered.
500+ Five Star Reviews.


Seattle Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

In the event that an individual is injured in an accident while working, both the accident and the resulting injuries may be downplayed or even ignored completely, for fear of retaliation from the employer. In other instances, workers may hold back on reporting their accident because they don’t want to be a nuisance to the company by making them pay for compensation. At Van Law Firm, we get straight to work on getting you back to work, with proper treatment and reimbursement. When you work with us, we take charge of recovering your lost wages and finding you the right rehabilitation for your injuries. Call our Washington location now at (360) 200-0000 for more information and a free case evaluation.

Who is Eligible for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In Washington state, all employers with just one or more workers must offer workers’ compensation insurance. All workers must be covered, regardless of full or part-time employment status. Washington is also classified as a monopolistic state, which means that businesses must purchase workers’ comp from a state fund or offer their own insurance, rather than a third-party private insurer. 

Almost all workers are eligible for workers’ comp benefits, although there are a few exceptions, including: individuals under 18 who work on a family farm or ranch, select musicians and performers, any person working for a charitable or religious organization in exchange for aid or services, and those doing part-time repair or maintenance work for private residences. To ensure compliance or to see the full list of exceptions, go to the Washington Labor and Industries website. 

Employees may recover workers’ comp for a multitude of different scenarios, especially when you consider the fact that the employer is not required to be the main party at fault, and the incident need not take place on company property. Some sample cases may include: 

  • Physical violence at the work site either between two employees or an employee and a client, patient, customer, etc. 
  • Accidents that take place in the break room, locker room or bathroom of a workplace
  • Car accidents in which an employee was driving a vehicle owned by the company during business hours 
  • Contraction of a condition or disease due to unsafe conditions in the workplace 
  • Accidents that take place at a meeting or conference while on company time
  • Exposure to noxious gases and substances while on company time

Let us evaluate your situation and determine the best path to take to help you achieve your goals. Give our injury attorneys a call today at (360) 200-0000.

Financial Reimbursement

Just because workers’ compensation provisions are in place does not necessarily mean that recovering your restitution is a simple or easy process. Even though these policies are designed to ensure workers’ rights and safety, insurance companies are still involved, and as such, injured workers are constantly hit with low offers, untenable delays, and even outright denials. 

Workers’ comp cases have a tendency to feel more intimate than most accidents, in that the worker and employer will typically have an intimate relationship that’s been built over time. Because of this intimacy, negotiations have a chance to become contentious, as one party may feel personally wronged or attacked. Opposing counsel or insurance adjusters will fight hard to avoid shelling out your proper compensation, which is not what you want to hear when treatment costs are rising and savings are dwindling. Hold your ground and don’t succumb to a lowball offer just to rid yourself of the situation. Instead, call our trusted Seattle workers’ compensation attorneys so that you can know for sure that your case is in good hands. 

We will assist you through every step of the legal process from beginning to end, including any appeals or denials. If a settlement cannot be reached, we also have the resources and experience to argue your case in court, from the Washington Supreme Court on down.

We Accept All Workplace Accident Case Types

At Van Law Firm, we have the industry knowledge and legal experience necessary to handle all kinds of workers’ comp cases, including:
  • Construction Accidents
  • Hotel Worker Injuries
  • Casino Accidents
  • Healthcare Worker Injuries
  • Train Accidents (FELA)
  • Manufacturing Accidents
Call our Washington office at (360) 200-0000 now for a free consultation with our Seattle workers’ compensation attorneys to see if your case may be eligible. We’ve amassed over 500 5-star reviews so far– will you be the next?
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