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San Diego Zantac Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

San Diego Zantac Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

San Diego Zantac Attorneys

50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

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$50+ Million Recovered. 500+ Five Star Reviews.

50+ Million Recovered.
500+ Five Star Reviews.


Zantac Class Action Lawsuit in San Diego

It has been determined through countless lab studies and tests that the widely-used antacid drug Zantac can contain harmful amounts of the carcinogenic chemical N-nitrosodimethylamine, otherwise referred to as NDMA. As of April 2020, all Zantac prescription and generic products have been pulled from shelves by the FDA. 

That being said, it is important for any Zantac users who have been diagnosed with secondary complications such as cancer to come forward with legal action at this time. The staff of San Diego Zantac lawyers at Van Law Firm is currently accepting cases. As a dedicated personal injury firm, we work tirelessly to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers accountable for their reckless behavior. 

Why Are the NDMA Levels in Zantac So High?

Zantac is one the most commercially successful drugs of all time. Originally approved for sale in 1983, it is commonly prescribed for various gastrointestinal conditions, including ulcers, sour stomach, acid reflux, and more. Due to the ubiquitous nature of the drug, it is difficult to accurately say how many people have been exposed, but the conservative estimates start in the hundreds of thousands. 

The reason why Zantac produces so much NDMA is because the drug’s active ingredient, ranitidine, is unstable, meaning that it will naturally decompose over time. When the decomposition occurs, the compounds are broken down and the leftover pieces combine to form NDMA. In other words, it comes with the ingredients built-in and doesn’t need to be altered by manufacturing or storage error. Scientists are still unsure as to just how much NDMA can be generated by Zantac samples, but numerous tests have published results citing thousands of nanograms of NDMA per dose, which is absurd compared to the FDA’s suggested daily limit of just 96 nanograms.

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Potential Dangers of Zantac

Due to a combination of patient case studies, research results, and past animal testing, health agencies not just in the US but around the world have categorized NDMA as a Group 2A carcinogen– this designation is not the highest level of toxicity, but it is still considered as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” As a result, plaintiffs have cited the following cancers in Zantac suits:

Bladder cancer

Brain cancer

Breast cancer

Esophageal/nasal/throat cancer

Kidney cancer

Liver cancer

Lung cancer (in non-smokers)

Pancreatic cancer

Prostate cancer

Stomach cancer

Testicular cancer

Thyroid cancer

Uterine cancer

Zantac Lawsuits and Criteria

Each Zantac case is unique, but for anyone who may wish to file a claim, certain guidelines and criteria have been established. Potential plaintiffs should be prepared to present the following elements: 

  • Parameters of use: The foundation of any successful case is built upon a documented history of using Zantac, whether it be in the form of a pill, oral solution (syrup), or injection. 
  • Secondary complications: Next, plaintiffs must show that they were diagnosed with one of the types of cancer mentioned previously as a result of taking Zantac. Keep in mind, this diagnosis must be shown to come after Zantac use, not before. 
  • Recovering damages: The final element would involve successfully arguing the cancer diagnosis is directly related to Zantac, and subsequently presenting the full extent of your damages, meaning all the ways your injuries have affected your life. This usually involves incurred medical expenses and damage to your ability to earn income. 

Any potential claimant must also be aware of certain pre-existing conditions and locations that are being considered as ineligible. These include:

  • Individuals with hepatitis B or C, H. pylori, or achalasia. 
  • Individuals who took Zantac in or primarily reside in Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, or Michigan. 
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San Diego Zantac Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer as a result of long term Zantac use, the San Diego Zantac attorneys at Van Law Firm can help get you the compensation you need in order to get your life back on track. 

Call our location nearest you now to get your case started with a confidential consultation, free of charge. With millions of dollars won for our clients and hundreds of 5-star reviews online, our service and experience speak for themselves.

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