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Sandy Van Recent Case Results

Clients were passengers in a vehicle and was rear ended by a commercial box truck.  Client were offered $0.00 prior to trial. During trial and during the discovery process, we discovered that the Defendant Driver was driving under the influence.  The case ultimately settled for $1.2 million dollars.

Husband and wife were in a brand new vehicle and were stopped at a light with vehicles in front of them.  Defendant while on her cell phone rear ended our clientsโ€™ vehicle and pushed their brand new vehicle into the vehicle in front of them.  Husband and wife were only offered $30,000 prior to litigation, even though both the husband and wife had recommendations for surgery. After a discussion with the husband and wife, our law office filed a lawsuit against the defendant and her insurance company to hold them accountable.  At mediation, the case was settled for $475,000 which was a large increase from the $30,000 presuit offers.

Client was rear ended and her vehicle was totaled.  She suffered significant injuries to her lower back.  During negotiations the insurance company only offered $8,000.00.  After notifying the insurance company to offer the policy limits, and several rounds of negotiations, the case proceeded to trial.  The case ultimately settled for $100,000.00, which exceeded the available policy limits of $15,000.00.