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Motorcycle Accidents

Protecting the Personal Injury Rights of Motorcyclists in Nevada

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, call our office before you talk to the insurance company to make sure your rights are protected. If you accept a settlement offer before you have had a chance to realize the extent of your injuries, the long-term care that may be needed, and the financial burdens that are coming your way, you could end up paying out of pocket for an accident you didn’t cause. And since motorcycle accident injuries are typically severe, those costs could follow you for the rest of your life.

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Motorcyclists Are Susceptible to Severe Injuries

In a crash, motorcycle drivers and riders are especially vulnerable to severe injuries. Because motorcycles don’t offer the protection that cars and trucks offer, the only thing between bikers and the road (or other vehicles) is usually a helmet or leathers. At high rates of speed, or when motorcyclists collide with larger vehicles, broken bones, spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are common. These injuries can impact your life permanently. It’s not uncommon for injured bikers to require in-home assistance, multiple surgeries, and medical treatment for the rest of their lives. For the lucky ones, a return to work might only be weeks, or months away. For those who aren’t so lucky, however, they may never work again.

When the medical bills start piling up and there is no income or additional financial relief in sight, that insurance settlement the responsible party was so quick to offer won’t seem so impressive. Don’t let the insurance company pressure you into accepting a quick settlement that may take away your right to recover full compensation.

Who Is to Blame for Your Motorcycle Accident?

While liability in some motorcycle accident cases is pretty cut and dry, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, multiple entities may be liable for damages. And in some situations, you may not even realize that another party is to blame. Common scenarios include:

  • If malfunctioning equipment on your motorcycle contributed to your crash, you may be able to hold the bike manufacturer, the parts maker, and even the retail establishment where you purchased your bike liable.
  • If dangerous road conditions like potholes, loose gravel, a damaged road sign, a malfunctioning traffic light, or a cracked roadway caused your accident, the property owner or government agency that owns or controls the road or parking lot may be liable.
  • If you were hit by a commercial vehicle like a large truck or delivery van, the company that the driver works for can be held liable for damages.

Understanding Comparative Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash, call our office to discuss the details of your case even if you think you may have been at fault. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, Sandy Van may be able to uncover important technicalities that expose other parties to liability for your injuries.

In Nevada, anyone who partially contributed to a biker’s injuries can be held accountable as long as the injured party is not more than 50% at fault. So even if you are determined to be 40% at fault, you can still recover 60% of awarded damages.

It’s common for at-fault drivers to point fingers at injured bikers when accidents happen. Even if you think you caused your crash, don’t admit fault. If an investigation reveals that another party caused the wreck, your admission can be used against you in court. In fact, it’s best to talk to a motorcycle injury lawyer before you discuss your accident with the other party, the insurance company, or anyone else.