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Workers’ Compensation

Helping You Recover from Work Injuries

If you were hurt on the job in Las Vegas or Henderson, we urge you to call our team the moment your medical condition is stable. We can help make sure you don’t get short-changed by your employer’s insurance company.

After a workplace accident happens, some people hesitate to report their injuries to their employers for fear of retaliation. Others hold back asking for compensation because they don’t want to cost their company money. If you hire Van Law Firm to handle your case, we won’t hesitate and we won’t hold back. We’ll get you the money you need to pay for medical treatment, lost income, and vocational rehabilitation. Call us today at 702-529-1011. Your consultation is free.

Are You Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

In Nevada, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance to help support the needs of injured workers. Your company most likely has this insurance and it is there to be used. If your company does not have workers’ comp coverage and you get hurt, your employer may face significant fines and penalties, and the company will be liable for your medical bills and lost wages.

All workers who are classified as employees in Nevada are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This includes illegal immigrant workers, temp workers, and farm workers as well as people who work from home under certain conditions.

To be eligible for benefits in Nevada, you do not have to be injured on company property and your employer doesn’t have to be proven to be at fault. You can collect workers’ compensation benefits if:

  • You are injured in an accident while driving a company vehicle on company business
  • You’re hurt in the parking lot, breakroom, or locker room
  • If you injuries happen while attending a meeting or conference on company time or in the scope of your job
  • If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals, fumes, or other toxic substances in your workplace
  • If you are a victim of workplace violence
  • If you contract a disease or other medical condition because of the conditions at work

Recovering Money for Workplace Injuries

Although the workers compensation system is designed to be user-friendly and is intended to protect the rights of employees who are hurt on the job, recovering benefits isn’t always cut and dry. Like any insurance company, your company’s workers compensation insurer is more concerned about their own bottom line than they are about your well-being. Therefore, denied claims, low settlement offers, and significant delays are common.

Fast-talking insurance adjusters and experienced legal teams will go to great lengths to avoid paying work injury claims. And when you’re dealing with a painful or disabling injury, and your bank account is running on empty, you need medical care and it can be difficult to remain focused and stand your ground when it comes to getting paid. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less than your case is worth. Call us instead.

We can help you from the time we file your initial claim, during the appeals process, and when we take your case all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court if the need arises.

Workplace Injury Cases We Handle

At Van Law Firm, we protect the rights of workers in all industries and we handle all types of work injury cases.

  • Construction Accidents
  • Hotel Worker Injuries
  • Casino Accidents
  • Healthcare Worker Injuries
  • Train Accidents (FELA)
  • Manufacturing Accidents

Let’s get to work getting you paid. Call us today at 702-529-1011. Your consultation is free.