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The high number of moped accidents has led Nevada lawmakers to consider a number of new laws to lower this number.

Moped Accident Statistics

Moped accidents continue to be a serious concern in Nevada. Between 2006 and 2010, 362 injuries and nine deaths resulted from scooter and moped accidents, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.Six people died in 2015 alone, and another 14 individuals died in 2016 due to moped accidents. Additionally, 461 patients were admitted to trauma centers in the state between the years 2012 and 2014 because of moped accidents. Statistically, males are more likely to sustain injuries and the most common body region that is injured is the head.

Proposed Laws

Due to the potential for serious accidents, the Nevada legislature is considering a number of new laws. Transportation committees ins the state legislature heard potential laws regarding safety and driving-related proposals. These proposed laws include:

Helmet Law

Senate Bill 426 centered on the potential requirement for moped riders to wear helmets. Proponents argued that helmet usage should be mandatory, especially considering that moped drivers are not required to maintain insurance in the state so a helmet law would at least mitigate the medical expenses related to these accidents. While the legislature did not make any movement on the bill at the last session, the bill passed the Senate with a vote of 20-1.

Driving Permits

The Senate Transportation Committee also heard Bill 261 which addresses permits for motorcycle riders. Currently, riders may rely on a permit indefinitely. The new law if passed would impose a stricter deadline for riders. The new law would allow for a permit that would be valid for six months and only able to be renewed one time for an additional six months. This would apply for adult drivers 18 and older. For riders under 18, the permit would stay in place for 12 months and renewed one time for the same duration. This law is intended to encourage riders to ultimately get a license, which results in an endorsement.

Encouraging Safety

The new laws are intended to help prevent accidents on mopeds and scooters from occurring. When riders on mopeds, scooters or motorcycles are involved in an accident, the injuries tend to be very serious, potentially resulting in life-altering injuries. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer may represent injured victims to seek compensation when negligence results in injuries.

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