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Have You Been Involved in a Side-Impact Collision? Here’s What to Do

Whenever the front end of one vehicle collides with the side of another, it is referred to as either a side-impact collision or a T-bone accident. These accidents can be especially devastating because of the fact that passengers have far less protection on their sides than they do in front of and behind them. Not to mention, the windows almost always break and shower glass down on everyone inside the vehicle with force. 

Here, we will discuss what side-impact crash victims should do in the moments following an accident, as well as the days and weeks afterward. In any case, all side-impact victims should seek the help of an experienced auto accident attorney, such as those from Van Law Firm.   

The Brutal Effects of Side-impact Crashes

Side-impact or T-bone collisions are common in every state throughout the nation, as well as any place where vehicles are the main mode of transportation. As you may imagine, the merging of the two cars in a perpendicular fashion is what forms the distinctive “T” shape in the accident. 

There are countless scenarios which may lead to a side-impact crash, although we do tend to see some examples more than others, for instance:

  • Driver making an ill-advised left-hand turn is clipped by oncoming traffic
  • Driver is distracted in some way, either from their phone or otherwise
  • Failure to yield to traffic lights or stop signs causes a driver to fly into an intersection
  • Driver is under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or prescription medication

Steps to Take Following a T-Bone Crash

In the event that you’ve been involved in a T-bone collision, there’s likely to be injuries of some kind if there was any momentum involved at all. Thus, the first priority for all crash victims is to seek the proper medical treatment, and to make sure they respond to the scene as quickly as you are able to alert them. Even if you or anyone else travelling with you do not necessarily feel pain right away, you should dial 911 and have emergency responders conduct a more in-depth synopsis. As is the case with all auto accidents, victims of side-impact crashes tend to experience latent injuries, or injuries that worsen after the fact. So, after any side-impact crash , you should be driven to the hospital by another party at the very least. 

When you seek immediate medical attention, you are being proactive not only about your health, but also about the future success of your claim. When debating your case, opposing counsel and insurance companies will almost assuredly attempt to downplay the severity of your injuries, but their arguments are greatly diminished if you can point to the fact that you sought care immediately following the crash. 

In addition, if you are physically able, it is advised that you use your phone or other camera to take detailed pictures of everything involved at the accident scene, including: 

  • All vehicles involved and the damages to each
  • Location indicators, such as street signs or landmarks
  • Any injuries to you or any passengers
  • Any belongings that were broken or damaged 

Once the accident has been cleaned up and injuries have been attended to, the next important step to take is to seek legal representation from an auto accident attorney. They will handle the legal ins and outs for you, and negotiate on your behalf with insurers. They will also use the resources available to them, such as accident and medical experts, to ensure that you are awarded the highest settlement possible. Studies show that, on average, claimants who hire an attorney will recover three times as much money than those who do not. 

Work With Trusted Auto Accident Attorneys

If you find yourself struggling with injuries after being struck in a side-impact or T-bone crash, the experienced team of auto accident attorneys from Van Law Firm are the best choice to maximize your compensation and get your life back on track. 

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