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Gabriel Czop, Attorney

Gabriel Czop is an attorney at the Las Vegas office of Van Law Firm. He currently specializes in motor vehicle accidents and premises liability cases. 

A native of Chicago, Mr. Czop eventually made his way to Nevada, earning a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2008. He followed that with an associate’s degree in criminal justice from the College of Southern Nevada, before returning to UNLV for a Juris Doctor degree from the William S. Boyd School of Law in 2018. 

Prior to joining the VLF team, Mr. Czop amassed a wide array of legal experience by spending time at personal injury, criminal defense, plaintiff’s civil rights, and insurance defense firms. Over the years, he has become proficient in legal writing as well as the process of litigating cases– he is also extremely familiar with the tactics and workings of insurance companies, and that knowledge has become very useful as he has transitioned fully into the personal injury field. 

Mr. Czop has had the opportunity to brief multiple cases at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and he has also had success in the area of anti-SLAPP litigation, which is a specialized area of law that dismisses frivolous lawsuits at the very beginning of a case.

Outside of work, Mr. Czop enjoys reading, gardening, and exploring the Las Vegas area. He also enjoys taking road trips, especially to San Diego.