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Elmiron Eye Damage Lawsuits Could Head to Trial in Early 2023

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron is a drug that is used to treat interstitial cystitis (“IC”), which is a chronic condition that is commonly known as “painful bladder syndrome”. Unfortunately, IC is still incurable. Elmiron is the only oral medication approved by the FDA to treat IC.

History of Elmiron

Elmiron has been on the market since 1996. Elmiron did not have any warnings on the label until recently. Starting in June 2020, the drug now has a warning label for a certain side effect called “pigmentary maculopathy”. There have been multiple studies that basically confirm that Elmiron is the only cause of pigmentary maculopathy. This is a condition that causes a person’s vision to have “blurry spots” as well as other vision issues.

Vision Problems

There are a wide range of vision problems associated with Elmiron. The most common vision side effects of Elmiron are maculopathy or macular degeneration, but the side effects range anywhere from reduced night vision all the way to partial or total blindness. If you’ve suffered any vision problems at all since starting Elmiron, or within one year of stopping treatment with Elmiron, you may qualify for an Elmiron lawsuit.

Elmiron Lawsuits

There are two main claims against Elmiron. The first is that the company that manufactures Elmiron, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, did not properly warn doctors and patients that Elmiron’s side effects include vision damage. The second claim is even worse. There is a possibility that Janssen Pharmaceuticals knew about Elmiron’s possible side effects but did not do anything to test Elmiron any further. These two claims, along with any vision related problems, give users of Elmiron a good chance at receiving compensation for their injuries.

Elmirion – Mass Torts Claims

The Elmiron lawsuits are labeled as “mass tort” lawsuits, and not “class action” lawsuits. There are a couple of big differences between a mass tort lawsuit and a class action lawsuit. In a class action lawsuit, all of the plaintiffs suffered a similar enough injury, and they divide any compensation damages equally.

In a mass tort lawsuit, each plaintiff is considered as an individual because their injuries are too different and they are compensated for their individual damages. For example, if the Elmiron lawsuit is successful, a person who suffered permanent blindness will likely receive more compensation than a person whose vision only got a little worse. The important thing is that the drug company pays people for the damage they have caused.

Elmiron Bellwether Cases

The Elmiron lawsuits will begin in early 2023. A few “bellwether” cases have been selected. This means that these cases will set the standard for how all of the other cases are resolved. The “bellwether” cases are different enough that they will cover almost all of the possible Elmiron cases. Experienced attorneys are handling the cases and are very optimistic about the outcomes.

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