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Top 3 Highway Hazards
Posted by Van Law Firm May 15, 2019

Highway hazards increase the likelihood that drivers will get into car accidents if said drivers aren’t aware of the hazard and how to appropriately respond to it. First, highways that are covered in water after a recent storm are slicker than usual due to two factors: (a) the water and (b) the oil that is lifted from the street by the water. Second, tire blowouts are another common hazard that […]

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Do You Have Enough Car Insurance?
Posted by Van Law Firm February 14, 2019

Adequate car insurance coverage is critical to protecting drivers and their families from financial catastrophes. Car insurance protects drivers from the financial exposure that results if the driver is involved in an accident. While comprehensive and collision cover the insurer’s assets, liability insurance protects people from losing everything if they are sued for damages. However, car insurance is not carte blanche coverage for any financial exposure – it is limited […]

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Are You an Aggressive Driver?
Posted by Van Law Firm November 14, 2018

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an aggressive driver is anyone who places his own interest or time demands above the safety of others on the road. Likely, most people are guilty of becoming an aggressive driver at some point, but it is those who make it a habit who are most dangerous on the road. Aggressive drivers are involved in more accidents than defensive drivers. Who are […]

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Uber Lyft Accidents in Nevada
Posted by Van Law Firm October 15, 2018

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, carry liability insurance to cover their drivers, passengers, and third-parties in the event of an accident. However, there are different types of coverage depending on the facts of the accident. Most major insurance companies offer additional coverage through policies for rideshare drivers in Nevada. Policy Limits The policy limits offered by Uber and Lyft insurance vary depending on the type of coverage that is […]

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How Is Legal Marijuana Impacting Crash Rates?
Posted by Van Law Firm August 15, 2018

A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reviewed insurance claims for vehicle crashes from 2012 to 2016 and found that in states which had legalized marijuana, there was a three percent increase in collision rates relative to neighboring states who did not legalize marijuana. However, a different study published in the American Journal of Public Health found no increase in car collision fatality rates in Colorado and […]

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When Poor Road Conditions Cause an Accident
Posted by Van Law Firm May 14, 2018

According to a recently released study, 34 percent of the Las Vegas Valley’s freeways and major thoroughfares are in a mediocre or poor condition which contributes to significantly higher costs on Las Vegas motorists. Dangerous road conditions are a leading cause of traffic accidents, and Las Vegas has an abundance of poorly maintained roads. Causes of Dangerous Road Conditions Dangerous road conditions are caused by two factors: natural disasters and […]

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Why are Teens at Such High Risk for Drowsy Driving?
Posted by Van Law Firm February 05, 2018

It’s no secret that teens are at high risk for getting into car accidents, especially in the first few months after getting a driver’s license. In 2015, six teens at the age of 16-19 died every day in vehicle-related accidents. While not all of those accidents were related to drowsy driving, teens tend to underestimate the risk associated with many driving situations, including the dangerous effects of sleep deprivation. Teens […]

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Can Humans and Machines Get Along on Shared Roads?
Posted by Van Law Firm January 18, 2018

As semi-autonomous driving vehicles begin to share the roads with human-driven cars and trucks, a number of safety concerns about the interaction between the two have emerged. Common human interactions between drivers, other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians that help prevent accidents and mishaps may become more complicated as drivers let machines take the wheel. Automation Hits the Road Major vehicle manufacturers like Audi and Tesla have revealed plans to release […]

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Companies Are Teaming Up to Promote Driverless Car Safety
Posted by Van Law Firm November 14, 2017

The “Let’s Talk Self-Driving” campaign, by Waymo, MADD, the National Safety Council and others, is designed to promote driverless car safety, mobility, and other advantages to skeptical Americans. Through the campaign, it is hoped that concerns about safety, liability issues, and other challenges will be alleviated. Driverless Car Safety Testing of autonomous cars and buses is underway in several U.S cities, including Las Vegas. Although lawmakers are developing legislation to […]

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How Does Speed Affect Casualty Rates In A Car Accident?
Posted by Van Law Firm September 22, 2017

There are many factors that can contribute to car crashes, but one of the most common causes is speeding, which also results in a higher casualty rate. How Speeding Affects Car Accident Rates Excess speed occurs when drivers travel beyond the designated speed limit, while inappropriate speed is defined as traveling at speeds is unsuitable for a specific type of road and existing traffic conditions. Both types of speed are […]

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