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Second Mortgages Are Twice the Headache for Short Sales
Posted by Van Law Firm December 13, 2017

When a second mortgage is held on a property, the release of the loan by two different entities is required, making the short sale process twice as difficult and twice as much work. Understanding the rights of each lender in a short sale can help homeowners make informed decisions throughout the process. What Are Second Mortgages? Homeowners sometimes take out second mortgages to purchase their home or borrow money from […]

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Companies Are Teaming Up to Promote Driverless Car Safety
Posted by Van Law Firm November 14, 2017

The “Let’s Talk Self-Driving” campaign, by Waymo, MADD, the National Safety Council and others, is designed to promote driverless car safety, mobility, and other advantages to skeptical Americans. Through the campaign, it is hoped that concerns about safety, liability issues, and other challenges will be alleviated. Driverless Car Safety Testing of autonomous cars and buses is underway in several U.S cities, including Las Vegas. Although lawmakers are developing legislation to […]

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Both Buyers and Sellers Can Benefit from Short Sales
Posted by Van Law Firm October 13, 2017

Though not always the right answer for all buyers and sellers, short sales often provide a number of benefits. For some homeowners, short sales may be an option to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosures can severely damage homeowners’ lives, not just jeopardize their finances. Purchasing a home through a short sale can also be very beneficial to a young family or family that cannot afford the full price of a home. A […]

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How Does Speed Affect Casualty Rates In A Car Accident?
Posted by Van Law Firm September 22, 2017

There are many factors that can contribute to car crashes, but one of the most common causes is speeding, which also results in a higher casualty rate. How Speeding Affects Car Accident Rates Excess speed occurs when drivers travel beyond the designated speed limit, while inappropriate speed is defined as traveling at speeds is unsuitable for a specific type of road and existing traffic conditions. Both types of speed are […]

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Do Sellers Need An Attorney For A Short Sale?
Posted by Van Law Firm August 18, 2017

Legal representation is recommended to manage residential short sales in Nevada. A short sale attorney can review all documents, advise the seller of their rights, obligations, and legal options, negotiate with lenders and help ensure that the sale is structured so clients avoid inequitable terms and unexpected expenses. Mortgage companies have teams of lawyers to protect their interests. Real estate agents market properties, schedule showings, and collect offers, but they […]

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Las Vegas Strip Will Be Safer for Pedestrians
Posted by Van Law Firm July 14, 2017

The Las Vegas Strip will become safer for pedestrians with the installation of hundreds of steel bollards along with unprotected segments of the sidewalk. The posts will be strong enough to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle at 50 mph. Approximately 3,200 feet of sidewalk will be protected in the initial phase of the project. Clark County commissioners are determined to protect tourists on the Las Vegas Strip from car accidents caused […]

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Short Sales Continue Despite Improved Economy
Posted by Van Law Firm June 12, 2017

Underwater homeowners are continuing to put their houses up for short sale even though the economy has seen vast improvement since the big housing bubble burst. Short Sale May Be an Option A short sale occurs when a homeowner puts his or her home on the market at a price that is below the amount that he or she owes on the property. Short sales are sometimes necessary when a […]

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Who’s Liable for Damages in a Ride Share Accident?
Posted by Van Law Firm May 16, 2017

Rideshare drivers, not passengers or other drivers, face the greatest liability and financial risk in a car accident. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer often sees people who are injured in rideshare accidents while visiting the city. Rideshare Insurance and Liabilities Recent surveys show that most rideshare drivers don’t have enough auto insurance coverage to fully protect themselves in an accident. This raises liability concerns for rideshare drivers, as well […]

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Is Buying a Short Sale Property a Good Investment?
Posted by Van Law Firm April 14, 2017

Buying a short sale property can be a good investment because the price is well below market value. The financially distressed seller is ready to get out of the property, and the lender is eager to get the money back that was loaned out on the sale. The Short Sale Process Buying a short sale property can be a good investment since the property is significantly discounted below market value, […]

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Types of Delayed Injuries Following a Car Accident
Posted by Van Law Firm March 14, 2017

Vehicle accidents often result in injuries that are evident immediately, but occasionally they result in damages that don’t show up until later. Everyone reacts differently to car accidents, with some experiencing more mental trauma than physical trauma and vice versa. Both physical and emotional damage can sometimes be difficult to identify until long after an accident occurs, particularly when there are other distractions. Here are some of the common injury […]

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