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Detecting a Short Sale Scam
Posted by Van Law Firm December 15, 2016

Following the financial and housing crisis of 2008, scammers began to target those trying to complete a short sale on their homes and properties as a way of minimizing financial trouble. While there were less than 100,000 homes that were involved in a short sale during 2014, a significant reduction from 2013 (265,000 homes), those looking to complete a short sale are still at risk of being victims. The IRS […]

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Do I Qualify for a Short Sale on My Home?
Posted by Van Law Firm November 15, 2016

When hardships create financial difficulties for homeowners, a short sale can offer a viable solution. A short sale attorney can explain the advantages and disadvantages of a short sale, as well as other options that provide mortgage debt resolution. What is a Short Sale? A short sale is any sale where the lender allows the homeowner to put the property on the market for less than the remaining value of […]

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Las Vegas Ranks Low for Driver Safety
Posted by Van Law Firm October 14, 2016

Recently, Las Vegas ranked 144 out of 200 cities in the United States for driver safety. The recent report reveals that drivers in Las Vegas have a car accident every eight years and are an astounding 21 percent more likely to suffer a crash than the national average. Common Reasons for Car Accidents in Las Vegas There are a number of reasons that the rate of car crashes in Las […]

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“Minor” Car Accidents Are Serious
Posted by Van & Associates September 24, 2016

  “Minor” accidents, perhaps caused by inattention or carelessness, can still cause a great deal of pain and suffering. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, over 2 million people are hurt each year in car accidents. More than 35,000 people were killed in 2015. Many victims lucky enough to survive face pain and suffering. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help protect victims rights after a crash. Millions Injured […]

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Walkable Cities Pose Higher Risks for Pedestrian Safety
Posted by Van Law Firm July 15, 2016

According to transportation officials, pedestrian safety has become a major concern in large, walkable cities around the country. According to the CDC, the pedestrian population increased by 24 million people between 2005 and 2010. As a result, walkable cities, like Las Vegas, are taking a closer look at pedestrian safety and ways to reduce accidents and injury claims filed with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. According to the National […]

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Buckling Up Properly Saves Children’s Lives
Posted by Van & Associates July 15, 2016

Nevada law requires that children be properly restrained, but many parents and caregivers are not buckling up their children. Experts recommend more rigorous guidelines than Nevada law necessitates, hoping to avoid more injuries and deaths. Over a hundred thousand children are injured each year in car accidents. Car accidents can cause injury or death even with proper restraints, and a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help protect the rights of […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Text and Drive
Posted by Van & Associates July 07, 2016

Texting and hand-held cell phone use is illegal in Nevada.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2014, distracted drivers caused thousands of accidents across the nation.  In that year 3,179 people died in these accidents, and 431,000 others were hurt.  Ten percent of young drivers, age 15 to 19 years old, who were involved in a fatal crash were found to be driving while distracted.  Why is it […]

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