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Everything You Need to Know About Las Vegas Casino Accidents

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas strip is big business; indeed, the millions of tourists that travel to our city each year and the countless industry workers who facilitate their stay are a large part of what keeps Nevada running. Unfortunately, this amount of constant traffic inevitably leads to a consistent flow of injury-inducing … Read more

The Deadly Link Between AFFF Fire fighting Foam and Cancer

Oftentimes, when we find ourselves confronted with a daunting task, we have a tendency to “fight fire with fire,” meaning that we attempt to defeat one bad thing by using another bad thing. In the fields of personal injury and product liability, one shining example of this is the use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam … Read more

Paraquat Weed Killer and Parkinson’s Disease: Let Us Guide You

In the personal injury field, some of the most unfortunate and devastating cases we handle are centered around workplace accidents and hazardous working conditions. Oftentimes these cases will involve workers who were unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals, materials, or gases.  One of the most recent examples of this involves agricultural workers who have been diagnosed … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Mass Tort Lawsuits

Thanks in large part to popular culture and entertainment, most people are at least generally familiar with a lot of legal processes and terms. Curiously enough, mass torts are usually not one of them, as we constantly receive questions about this type of lawsuit. As a dedicated personal injury firm, mass torts are a large … Read more

A Quick Guide to Gathering Evidence Following an Auto Accident

Whenever an individual is injured in a car accident at the hands of another, he or she may choose to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation, if traditional procedures don’t seem likely. However, proving fault in any legal proceeding, personal injury or otherwise, requires the preservation and presentation of evidence.  Obtaining and … Read more

Defining the Various Types of Damages Awarded in Personal Injury Cases

In the event that you or someone you know is injured due to the actions of another party, you should be eligible to file a personal injury suit to recoup the damages. There are, however, more types of damages than you might think, and so claimants should always consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, … Read more

A Quick Guide to Medical Liens and how They Work in Personal Injury Cases

For the most part, just the mention of the word “lien” causes people to become uneasy, similar to the words “audit” and “overdue.” This is especially true for those who are in position to receive funds via a settlement from a personal injury lawsuit.  A lien can arise whenever one party asserts a financial claim … Read more

Have You Been Involved in a Side-Impact Collision? Here’s What to Do

Whenever the front end of one vehicle collides with the side of another, it is referred to as either a side-impact collision or a T-bone accident. These accidents can be especially devastating because of the fact that passengers have far less protection on their sides than they do in front of and behind them. Not … Read more

What are Emotional Distress Damages and How are They Calculated?

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the end goal is always to recoup a settlement that will cover the damages one has sustained in an accident that was caused by another party. For the most part, attorneys and insurance adjusters will haggle over compensatory damages, such as property damages, lost wages and limits to … Read more

Understanding Washington’s Family Car Doctrine

We’re all familiar with the archetypal scenes of the father giving his young son a hard time before reluctantly tossing over the keys to the family car. These scenes draw on the concept of earned trust, and are usually jovial and lighthearted in nature. However, relinquishing the family keys could have real consequences, for all … Read more