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Am I Eligible to File a Claim for Burn Injuries?

Even though most people don’t view burns as being “common” injuries, data would suggest otherwise–according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there are an average of 2 million burn injuries per year in the U.S., and anywhere from five to fifteen thousand of those instances are fatal. Burns vary by type and by severity, but burn victims should know how to defend their rights if they happen to be involved in an accident–Van Law Firm’s elite fire and burn injury attorneys can help accident victims recover compensation for all types of burns and burn injuries. Call our location nearest you now for more information.

How Can I Tell if I am Eligible for a Burn Injury Claim?

Broadly speaking, whenever an individual suffers burn injuries due to the negligence or malice of another party, he or she is then eligible to come forward with a burn injury claim. One thing that claimants should remember, however, is that burn cases can be very complicated, and there may be multiple parties at fault. A lot of fire and burn cases may also involve criminal charges, which can complicate matters. Overall, however, if you believe you may have a burn injury case, it’s in your best interest to find representation as quickly as possible, so that the proper evidence can be obtained and preserved. 

Various Kinds of Burn Injuries We See 

Chemical burns: Chemical burns are caused by toxic or harmful chemicals coming into contact with one’s skin. Typically, these burns will vary based on the amount of skin exposed to the chemical and the amount of the chemical itself. Most chemical burns arise from workplace accidents, such as cleaning personnel spilling chemicals or construction-related accidents. 

Electrical burns: Electrical burns are also commonly seen in work-related accidents, as many trades work in and around active electrical systems. These burns occur whenever a person suffers a severe shock, as electrical current carries a lot of heat and can easily burn and char soft tissues. 

Thermal burns: Thermal burns are the most common type, and they are attributed to fires, steam, hot metal, and any other material that your skin may come in contact with. These burns have perhaps the largest variance, meaning they range from minor scuffs all the way to up to debilitating or disfiguring burns. 

Radiation burns: Radiation burns are perhaps the rarest type, as they typically arise from prolonged radiation exposure. Medical patients who have suffered radiation burns from imaging or radiation-based treatments may be eligible for medical malpractice claims as well. 

The Varying Severity of Burn Injuries 

With regards to burns and burn injury lawsuits, it’s important to note the differences in burn severity, as that typically has a large impact on the settlement at stake. Generally speaking, the more severe a victim’s burns are, the more compensation they will receive. Burn injuries are classified as such: 

  • 1st Degree: First-degree burns usually only affect the outermost layer of skin, and most heal within a few days or weeks. These are by far the most common burns–sunburns and scalds are two frequent examples. 
  • 2nd Degree: Burns are considered second-degree if they affect more than just the first layer of skin. For the most part, second-degree burns are seen as minor if less than 15 percent of the victim’s body area has been burned. 
  • 3rd Degree: These are the most severe burns, and oftentimes the skin has been completely damaged, which opens the door for internal damage, bleeding, and infection. Third-degree burns often require intensive care and treatment, and most patients will be left with large disfiguring scars. 

Contact Award-Winning Fire and Burn Injury Attorneys 

When it’s time to recover compensation for burn injuries that were the fault of another, don’t waste your time and energy dealing with attorneys who are incapable or unavailable. Instead, make the right decision by calling the elite fire and burn injury attorneys from Van Law Firm as soon as possible. We’ve helped countless burn victims get the treatment and compensation they deserve, and we’re standing by to help you as well. Call our location nearest you to learn more about how VLF can help.