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Is it Worthwhile to Retain an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Whenever an individual is involved in an auto accident, they usually have a lot of questions flying through their mind. Most of them have to do with the safety and health of everyone involved, but once the dust starts to settle, the next train of thought tends to be centered around how to best proceed … Read more

Medical Device Manufacturer Medtronic to Pay Upwards of $9 Million to Settle Allegations Related to Improper Payments

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced recently that Medtronic USA Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Minnesota, will pay $8.1 million in order to resolve allegations that they made improper payments to a South Dakota neurosurgeon. The payments, or kickbacks, were intended to entice the surgeon to use and advocate for various Medtronic brand … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Retain a Car Accident Lawyer?

As a personal injury firm, one of the most common questions we get is, “How much will it cost to retain a car accident attorney?” This is a simple question, but the answer depends on numerous factors–here are some things to note from the start:   The majority of car accident attorneys operate on a “contingency … Read more

When Should You Hire an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

After an auto accident takes place, insurance companies and their adjusters will usually begin the claim process shortly thereafter, especially if there are a lot of injuries and damages to sort through. As such, it’s in your best interest to seek an attorney’s help sooner rather than later so that you give yourself the best … Read more

Why is it Important to Follow Legal Advice After an Auto Accident?

After you’ve been injured in an auto accident that was the fault of another, it is important to take the necessary steps to give yourself the best chance of recovering compensation. While you can certainly take these steps on your own, it’s best to seek qualified legal representation as quickly as possible. The advice of … Read more

Why Are Lawsuits Being Filed Against the Maker of Onewheel Devices?

Whenever questions arise as to whether or not a product is defective and/or dangerous, one of the first things to consider is the consumer’s level of responsibility when using the product. For example, consumers are expected to exercise reasonable caution when using wheeled devices such as bicycles and skateboards. However, newer devices such as Onewheels … Read more

What Do You Have to Prove in a Premises Liability Claim?

As a personal injury firm, we handle a constant stream of premises liability claims. However, most people aren’t as familiar with these types of claims and how they work, especially compared to car accidents and other injury cases. Essentially, premises liability claims arise whenever an individual suffers injuries on another’s property, as a result of … Read more

What is the Difference Between Mass Torts and Class Action Lawsuits?

Many are familiar with class action lawsuits, but mass tort cases are less widely known. Both kinds of cases have commonalities and are sometimes confused for each other, but there are also distinct differences in the way in which they are handled in court. Let’s take a closer look at these cases and what separates … Read more

The Simple Defect That’s Causing Medtronic Insulin Pumps to be Recalled

Medical devices are designed to improve users’ quality of life, especially for those who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes. A lot of times, these devices are meant to automatically regulate a process that used to be manually controlled. Insulin pumps are one such example, as they work by delivering small doses of insulin … Read more