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Everything You Need to Know About Fire and Burn Injuries

All accidents are unfortunate, but fire and burn injury cases can be especially brutal. What’s worse, burn victims are often left with financial loss, emotional and psychological trauma, and physical scarring. Even though burns aren’t the most popular choice when it comes to accidents, these injuries are surprisingly common: data from the American Burn Association … Read more

How Do I Recover Compensation for Fire and Burn Injuries?

Unfortunately, there are a large number of scenarios in which individuals may suffer burns and burn injuries. After you’ve suffered burn injuries in an accident that was caused by another, you will likely have a number of questions flying around in your head–one of the most pressing questions is probably, “How do I recover compensation?”  … Read more

What are Some of the Different Types of Fire and Burn Injury Lawsuits?

All accidents are unfortunate, but any accident that results in burn injuries can be especially devastating. Even though most burns happen in seconds or minutes, the effects are often painful, long-lasting, and even disfiguring in some cases. Most people probably wouldn’t consider burn injuries to be especially common, however there are numerous types of burn … Read more

Am I Eligible to File a Claim for Burn Injuries?

Even though most people don’t view burns as being “common” injuries, data would suggest otherwise–according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there are an average of 2 million burn injuries per year in the U.S., and anywhere from five to fifteen thousand of those instances are fatal. Burns vary by type and by severity, but … Read more