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Can I Recover Compensation if my Pet was Injured in an Accident?

Auto accidents are stressful enough for the driver, but they also have a major impact on any passengers who happen to be in the car as well. When we think of passengers, we usually picture family, spouses, and friends, but pets and the injuries they sustain are rarely ever discussed. Our four-legged (or two-legged) friends … Read more

Pre-existing Injuries and Their Impact on Personal Injury Cases

At the beginning of a personal injury case, it is often presumed that the victim was in a state of flawless health before their accident. However, in reality, most people deal with all sorts of health conditions, large and small. As a result, we frequently receive questions from potential claimants regarding pre-existing conditions and how … Read more

Sexual Assault Cases: Shedding Light on an Extremely Important Issue

With the recent rise of the #metoo movement, litigation of sexual assault cases has become a public focus. Sexual assault remains a huge problem in our society, so much so that modern estimates project that one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18. Even … Read more

Depositions in Personal Injury Cases – They Don’t Have to be Scary!

You’ve been injured in an accident.  You are now a party in a legal case in an effort to recoup your damages. You are experiencing a whole new, unfamiliar world, and you’ve just been called for a deposition. You may feel a little afraid, and reasonably so; you’ve never given a deposition before.   Don’t sweat–the … Read more