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Supermarket Pallet Injuries and Liability

For the most part, when we think of all the ways we can injure ourselves in a store, we imagine slippery floors, falling objects, or burns. However, a large number of accidents also occur each year with relation to pallets, also occasionally referred to as skids. Every store utilizes these objects to unload and stock … Read more

The Basics of Rental Car Insurance and Liability

Americans love to travel, especially now that we’ve reached the heart of summer.The first stop for many visitors once they get to their destination is the rental car kiosk at the airport. No matter which dealer you go through, you will almost certainly be asked whether or not you want to purchase rental insurance. Most … Read more

Airbnb Accidents and Injury Liability

In just the last few years, various apps and websites have completely changed traditional business processes and expectations. As a result of this hard and fast change, legal concepts have also had to adapt. One of the biggest examples of this is the emergence of Airbnb and other rental property booking websites.  If an injury-inducing … Read more

The 10 Steps to Take When You’ve Been Injured in a Car Crash

Car accidents are not usually a popular topic of conversation or even thought, yet they happen every day all over the country. The shock of an accident can be severe, and it can be extremely difficult to know just what to do after you’ve been injured. However, as any first responder will tell you, even … Read more

Facts About Nevada Motorcycle Accidents

Nevada is undoubtedly a great place to own and ride motorcycles. The constant rideable weather, lack of precipitation, and miles of open road make two-wheeled adventures a popular pastime here in the Silver State. However, this large number of riders also means that there are a large number of motorcycle accidents and injuries each year.  … Read more

Washington Diminished Value Claims

It’s not hard to argue that we as consumers like to protect our most valuable assets and keep them from depreciating in value as much as possible. However, sometimes even the most vigilant protection will be thwarted by the recklessness or negligence of others. In the field of personal injury, vehicle damages resulting from car … Read more

The Facts About Cases Involving Catastrophic Injuries

All personal injury attorneys know that injuries vary widely in severity. Some cases are so minimal that even the most professional lawyer will roll their eyes, whereas others involve truly catastrophic injuries. An injury is considered to be “catastrophic” if it has significant long-term effects. Motor vehicle accidents are generally the most common cause of … Read more

What to Do if You’ve Been Injured by a Car as a Pedestrian

No one has ever denied the physical and mental health benefits of taking a nice walk, and with the advent of smartwatches and fitness trackers, our daily steps have become as much of a talking point as ever. Unfortunately, however, the pedestrian’s risk of injury from a nearby car accident is always present, especially in … Read more